Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Overview

So the year we all were supposed to die is almost over. Like last year I think I am going to review everything that happened to me this year and see if I can remember everything.

Review of 2012:

  • Spent New Years at my boyfriend's
  • Got Aunt Eller in the musical
  • Started talking to future roommate
  • Did FAFSA with my mom 
  • Started taking physical therapy for my back
  • Got flowers from Ben for valentines day
  • Visited LR for early admission students and met my future roommate
  • Got to shoot a starter gun for musical
  • Had a blast during musical and cried when it was over
  • Got a waitressing and bar tending job at a local restaurant 
  • Began to get closer to my best friend
  • Had more heart-to-hearts with her
  • Quit my Infinitos job to be more available for waitressing job
  • Therapy began to really help my back
  • Started preparing for graduation
  • Got fired from my waitressing job for reasons unknown
  • Went to Connecticut with my best friend and got my first tattoos
  • Went to the Metropolitan in NYC and got to see amazing art
  • Had my last prom
  • Went to Six Flags and a cruise down the Hudson River for senior trip
  • Had my last concerts
  • Got a job at Hershey Giant Center
  • Watched my NCCS friends graduate 
  • Graduated from high school
  • Started working for Hershey
  • Started talking to future roommate more and more
  • Began to take organ lessons
  • Started buying college necessities and pack up for the move
  • Went to a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park
  • Went to the PA Renaissance Faire and got a costume
  • Began college and moved in with roommate
  • Started taking classes and got really involved
  • Joined many clubs and choirs
  • Made many friends
  • Went to a few frat parties
  • Things begin to get sour with roommate
  • Rumors spread and things get fixed with RA help
  • Roommate gets a BFF and they start ignoring me
  • Friends from beginning of year stop contacting me
  • Go to homecoming frat party
  • Start talking to people in my dorm
  • Get closer to a cappella members
  • Go on fall tour and have a blast
  • Come back to intense bullying from roommate and her friend
  • Corset goes missing
  • More rumors are spread
  • Found out roommate stole and destroyed corset for shits and giggles
  • Roommate moves out
  • Money starts to get low
  • Friends in dorm room stay by my side
  • Get pressured into taking ex roommate to court
  • Go on Thanksgiving break and relax with family and high school friends
  • My best friend and I catch up and talk even more
  • Grades begin to slightly go low and stress sets in
  • Get a room all to myself
  • Evidence against ex roommate pile up
  • Begin to get closer to dorm friends
  • Money gets dangerously low
  • Visits boyfriend and PA friend comes as well
  • Have fantastic times!
  • Gets hired by Belltower Books to be campus captain
  • Finally the court date comes, everything goes horribly wrong
  • My evidence gets lost and key witness decides not to come cause she's busy having sex
  • I don't get reimbursed for destroyed corset
  • Finals begin and pressure/stress goes through the roof
  • Watch as Karma gets my ex roommate in the ass and enjoys every moment
  • Has wonderful time with friends
  • Buy lots of books for work
  • Finish finals
  • Money is gone
  • After a lot of stress and problems, the books get transferred to storage and money put in bank
  • Go home for christmas
  • Start working at Hershey again
  • See high school friends
  • Start looking for summer job
  • Apply at HACC for summer classes
  • Get to see Ben for christmas
  • Get a lot of college things I needed
  • Start slowly getting more money
  • Discover that Ben got a job in Germany and will be there for 6 months, so proud of my man!! <3
  • Start preparing for second semester of college
  • Looking forward to the new year and working on my resolutions
So that's my review. 2012 was not the best year for me when I look back, but I learned a lot of things about myself and how I handle situations by myself. Looking forward to 2013 and making it better. Happy New Year everyone!!

Love and kisses
Anna xoxo

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So Christmas has come and gone and it was a good one. We actually hate a white christmas this year and it was fantastic!! It started Christmas Eve and was completely white Christmas day. :D

I got a lot of what i wanted this year and most of it was for school. A printer, an iHome, a DVD player, a large Vera Bradly duffel in Suzani, Cinderella DVD, a lot of hair and facial products I needed, food, a can opener, a bathrobe, a tea strainer, an organ bag to hold my shoes and music, an iTunes card, and other school needed items. It was probably really funny watching me get excited over a can opener and cans of tuna. hahaha

Overall it was a good christmas, took my boyfriend to see Les Miserables and he loved it. I cried even harder than I did when I saw the early preview. I'm glad I got to see him on christmas. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas vacation, catchup, and early premieres

So now that all the drama of first semester is over I am home now on my christmas vacation. I haven't been sleeping though, been up late and can't sleep in and it sucks! I've been job hunting for the summer so I can be working while I take summer classes at a local community college. I also have been working every few days at Hershey at the Giant Center for something. I need to buy books yet and I need the money for it. I'm so poor I can't afford my books or even gas. I don't like it :'(

Well today I'm excited. One of my old friends from high school has tickets for an early showing of Les mis tonight and we are going to see it!! I'm excited!! I've been wanting to see this since I heard they were making it. I can't wait to go!

I hope this will help me to calm down about my money problems and relax after all the insane drama this semester.

That's the update I have. I'm sure I'll have more later, i'm leaving to pick up my friend soon so I'm getting ready to leave.

Love and kisses,
Anna xoxo

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life never goes the way we want

So had my court date yesterday, to try and get reimbursed for the corset. It was going to be me, and two other witnesses against my roommate and her friend. Unfortunately my key witness got sick and refused to get out of bed or even write a written statement for us. So we go into court, make complete fools of ourselves, and my roommate gets away without anything. She wasn't found responsible due to lack of evidence, and they re celebrating on facebook with things like "those bitches didn't know what was coming!" and "we had this in the bag". That day was awful... then I forgot about a test in music class and then my student recital went whack cause my voice kept cracking.

So yeah... corset didn't get the revenge it deserved.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


So I am home for break!! Yays!! I took a plane to get back home and it was sooooooo worth it! Got to sleep in, see all my amazing friends, and just chill. I'm here at my grandparents house actually and we are having a wonderful thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, collards, beans, turnips, cranberry sauce, olives, and gravy!! It all smells amazing!

While we wait for food i am drinking Tanzanian tea and it is really good! There were a bunch of leaves at the bottom of my cup so I decided I wanted to try and 'read my tea leaves'
I see pigglet holding a pinwheel. XD

Anyways I am really thankful for everything that has happened this year. I am thankful i could come home and take a break, i am thankful that all the roommate drama is almost over, i am thankful for friends, and i am thankful to be in school learning so many new things.

Well looks like dinner is served! I will blog again soon. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

We live in such a negative world......

Okay, this is something I normally don't complain about but today I am. I AM SO FUCKING FED UP WITH THESE FACEBOOK PSA's!!!!! THEY NEED TO GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK!!!!!

There are a couple people on my facebook news feed that really like to strongly voice opinions that are very touching subjects to some people. One friend is EXTREMELY conservitive and is not happy that Obama was reelected into office. So he goes on and starts posting very negative things about democrats, how republicans are better, how the country is shit, and it's really pissing me off! Some of the things he say are also just plain stupid! I am neither republican or democrat, I am independent. Personally though there shouldn't be parties, there should be AMERICA. ONE NATION. Not a bunch of divided parties that fight all the time.

That's another thing that pisses me off. The reputation of the United States. We have one of the worst reputations in the world. We are greedy, selfish, fat, lazy, uncaring, and violent. We really are and it's not a good thing to be known for. I want to travel the world one day and I am going to be embarrassed when I say I am an American cause I know I will be automatically judged. I don't want to be judged as the stupid american, I shouldn't be ashamed of my country but I am...

Another thing that has been pissing me off to no end is the religious posts. I understand free speech and all but COME ON!! DON'T BE POSTING OFFENSIVE STUFF ON FACEBOOK!!! I am a Christian and proud of it, but I am also respective of other religions. I like to talk about them and learn their stories and how they live their lives. The Hinduism and Buddhism are fascinating to me, they connect so well with their bodies and spirits that it's just mind blowing. Once you start offending me and not caring, then I get pissed! One of my BEST FRIENDS posts very anti-christian things and posts at the top "If you get offended, I don't care." SERIOUSLY????????? If you want to stay my friend you will RESPECT MY VIEWS!!!! I respect yours! I try my best to respect everyones views whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Atheist, Freethinker, Buddhist, or one with the earth, I will respect you and what you believe in. Just don't go and bash my own religion and not care what I think. That will just push me away from you no matter how close we may be. It's hurtful and disrespectful and just stupid. I don't do that, I don't go around saying that God is the only one and that every other religion is wrong, or that something within the religion is wrong. I DON'T DO THAT SO WHY SHOULD YOU?????? I was so tempted to unfriend soooo many people today...

Another thing about being a Christian is they have a bad reputation as well... there are countries I cannot visit because I am a Christian and i would be in danger. That hurts me deeply! I want to go to Jerusalem one day but I cannot because of so much religious conflict.

It seems that everything I am, an American Christian, is viewed very negatively. I don't want that, I want to be known as someone who will respect you for whoever you may be. If you are an African Jew that is fine with me, if you are an Indian Hindu that's fine with me, if you are an American Muslim that's fine with me! Be whoever you wanna be, just don't go making others think the way you do...

I'm sorry, my rants on these kinds of topics are annoying for me because I shouldn't have to complain about them. This world has turned into something so negative that it is ridiculous. I'm not trying to preach about 'World Peace' or anything like that, I just want there to be some respect for each other. Respect for where we are from, respect for our beliefs, and respect for who we are as a person.

That's all for today.
Time to go work on my finals stuff. I hope everyone has a good day today.

hugs and kisses
Anna xoxo

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I AM NOW 19!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!! Had a pretty decent birthday. Started off like any other day, had classes and did my work. Around the afternoon things got weird. My friends were avoiding me and acting strange so this got me suspicious, so i decided to watch Hannibal Rising with one of my friends who hasn't seen it yet. I also was doing my laundry that desperately needed to be done. While I was putting them in the dryer i noticed that int he room across from me there were some of my friends blowing up balloons. hmmmmmmm... lol

So I go downstairs after the movie to fold my clothes, my friend S'mia stops me and takes me upstairs to chill in her room. After about 20 minutes my friend Andora brings me downstairs, blindfolds me, and takes me into her room where all my friends had made a surprise party for me. :) <3

There was cake, snacks, music, and just chilling with my friends. After all the roommate bullshit I was very happy to have wonderful friends do this for me. I love them all so much!

My decorated door! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Job!!

I got a job today!!! I am now a Buyer for Belltower Books! You may ask what is that? Well, Belltower Books is a small company that will buy new and used textbooks from students. What's so amazing about it, they offer cash on the spot! Who wouldn't want that???

So one of my duties of being a part of this company now is to get the message out that there is a buyer on the campus of Lenoir-Rhyne University. The only downside to this is they only operate during finals week. But that's okay. I'm gonna try to get my name out there as much as I can before so people know, when finals comes up in a month, I will be willing to buy their textbooks. :)

So here is the link to my facebook page. There is also a Facebook badge on the side of the blog for you to click on as well. Hope you go and like it! :)

My Belltower Buyer Facebook page


What a title for the day of the presidential elections, but it's true! I am now free of my roommate!!! She completely moved out yesterday morning and now I have a room to myself!!! I moved my stuff around to how I want it, but my room is still a huge mess. I have so many papers all over the place it's crazy.

Here's my new room!! Yeah I know it's dull and messy, but that will change soon!!!

I took my roommate's desk and put it next to my bed. I'm gonna put all my beauty products on it.

My working desk, and random dresser. I have extra sheets, blankets, ext. in there and on top is where my TV is gonna go. :)

My food corner! I have my coffee pot, hot pot, toaster, fridge, and ottoman of food. I also have my colorful lamp and some prayer flags. I bought the flags in Asheville, they were pretty. 

And the closets. As she was moving out, my roommate took the curtain and rod I was using to cover my side of the closet. Her dad bought it for me so I guess she thought she was entitled to it. I don't really care but still, that's just juvenile. 

Anways, that's my new room!!! I like it and I am going to be adding rugs, curtains, wall decorations, the works as soon as i can.

Hugs and kisses
xoxo Anna

Friday, November 2, 2012

Things are changing

So yesterday was a very interesting day. I found out what happened to my corset... apparently my roommate and her friend stole it and took it to the other freshman dorm. They then went to my roommate's boyfriend's apartment where they cut it up and threw it in the dumpster... yeah, they destroyed my $200 corset.

I am relieved to know what happened to it, but i am also so fucking pissed off at them for it. Their reasons, there was none. It was something to do.

So I know about that, also she left me a note on my desk saying that I was moving her stuff around and that she doesn't want drama anymore. Bullshit. She's the one stirring the drama pot, constantly. So i tell my RA and she reports it to the RD. I didn't talk to her at all that day and she avoided me like the plague. I didn't care, I didn't wanna see her face.

Anyways after my choirs ended I went back to my dorm to work on some homework. My white board was scribbled all over but i erased it and laughed at their immaturity. I was in my room for a couple minutes and then i heard my roommate and her two friends talking shit about me like crazy, they didn't know I was in my room. So I'm sitting there listening to everything they are saying trying not to laugh at their stupidity. So they walk in and have the "oh shit" look on their face which I loved, I get up and decided to go and hang out with some friends upstairs.

One of my friends got so pissed she started confronting my roommate over text messages and freaked her out so much, I go back to my room and all her shit is packed up. I think my friend scared her away! XD Not stopping them from telling resident life everything though, so here I sit waiting for a response.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wedding love

So thinking about my career choice I have been thinking a lot about weddings. Not just my own wedding that will someday happen, but weddings in general. I love the different ideas that people have for weddings and the unique way the couples show their love for one another. I know a few of my friends that are engaged and planning their wedding, some that are just engaged, and some that are about to get married.

One thing that I really have been thinking about is pre-wedding photos. The reason for this is because one of my friends just had hers, and I have been seeing a lot of really gorgeous photo ideas. One thing I want to get into here at LR is photography, something as a side thing to learn. I thought it would be fun to just look at some pre-wedding photos that I really liked.

Pre-wedding photos are meant to see the couple, portray them as who they are for their guests who will attend their wedding. Yes, you have serious ones, but there have to be some silly pictures as well. :)

And of course, you know me. There HAVE to be some Doctor Who ones that I have to show. I've already told myself that whoever I marry WILL be in at least two doctor who themed pre-wedding photos. One will be of him leading me into the TARDIS, and one will be of the Tom Baker scarf wrapped around both of us in a super cute way. :P

Loved this cake topper!!

A little something I found pretty cute. :)

Well that's about all I have for today. Have a wonderful rest of your day everyone!

Hugs and kisses

Monday, October 29, 2012

Scheduling for spring

So today I had my scheduling meeting with my advisor for spring classes. I have a lot of classes that I need to take for my major and my minor, plus core classes, so my advisor suggested i take summer classes at a local community college. So i am thinking to going to HACC this summer and take 2-3 classes then that are core classes that can be easily transferred.

I looked through available classes for the spring, and also emailed the Lebanon HACC admissions saying i wanted to take summer classes. I came up with this schedule for next semester and i hope it works for me.

Media Writing I 9:00-9:50
Aural Skills 11:00-11:50
Microeconomics 1:00-1:50

Harmony & Analysis I 8:00-9:15
Oral Communication 9:25-10:40
Web & Net Centric 10:50-12:05
FYE 1:40-2:55

Plus my organ and voice lessons, chapel and a cappella choir.

So that's my plan as of now for next semester. :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Seriously GROW UP!!!!!

Okay so remember how I said I wished things would get better between my roommate and I after break? Yeah that didn't happen! So today was a decent day, classes went well, had a job interview at Bojangles, and met some new people. Things seemed to be going well, until I got back to my room... I walked in to see that my chair was moved and my blanket I have covering it was on my bed. Okay whatever, people sit in my chair. Then I noticed that my hair straightener was on the floor, there are pretzel crumbs all over the floor and on my desk, and my black rolling luggage was not on the floor where I left it. It was shoved into a shelf on its side. I HAVE BREAKABLE CHINA IN THAT SUITCASE!!! I even told my roommate that's why it was on the floor in the first place! So I pull it out, nothings broken thank god. SO then I am rearranging my closet and shelves to try and fit my suitcase somewhere... after an hour i FINALLY got it all worked out.

SO then I start to get ready for bed, I go to pull out a cami from my laundry hamper and can't find it. I had laid it on the top and my clothes were all shuffled around. As I am looking for my cami I find that PREZEL CRUMBS were mixed up into my clothes! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?! This has me pissed off. So I go tell my RA but there's nothing we can do... so I hang out with a few friends, make tea and calm myself down. About midnight I am falling asleep so i go back into my room to go to bed. That's when I notice that my comforter is crinkled at the bottom, I have a bad feeling... I pull my covers over to find MORE GODDAMN PRETZEL CRUMBS IN MY BED!!!! They were on the mattress, in between sheets, in my comforter, THEY WERE FUCKING EVERYWHERE!!!!! OBVIOUSLY PUT THERE ON PURPOSE!!!! At this point I am about to kill someone... I go BACK to my RA and show her all the pretzel crumbs and she is shocked. She helped me to change my sheets and was telling me that she was going to the RD about all this THANK GOD!

I cannot believe this! I haven't done ANYTHING to my roommate to deserve being treated this way! I have been nothing but nice even after the first argument we had over rumors of something I didn't do! This is going too damn far... this is immature and stupid!!! So my RA tells me she and the RD are going to talk to my roommate alone and figure out why the fuck she is doing this, I wanna know as well! Is this something to just get me mad? Well it did, but I am not going to stoop to her level. I am going to be mature and be all smiles just to piss her off. :)

I'm on fall tour with the a cappella choir so this is time for me to cool off and have fun. I just can't wait to see what happens this week...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So this past weekend was my fall break and it was the BEST BREAK EVER!!!! I got to stay with my boyfriend and one of my best friends from home came down to visit! We had girl time and got our nails done, I cooked yummy butter shrimp, and Ben and I played matchmaker with one of his roommates and our PA friend. ;D

We also got to go to the Carolina Renaissance Festival and that was loads of fun! Got to wear my costume and walk around feeling totally awesome. Bought myself a claddagh ring and a bamboo wooden flute. I did spend more money this weekend than I ever wanted to... so my job hunting has become more frantic.

My gorgeous claddagh ring! <3

Me in my costume with Dead Bob. That's a show I went to see which was so funny!!

Dead Bob really liked the girls. ;D

Over all the weekend was amazing! I really don't wanna go back to school, I haven't been having happy times with my roommate... she has friends over late at night and I can't sleep. Hopefully things have calmed after break.

Guess that's all for now.
hugs and kisses

Eyeballs floating in head

So for the past two days I have been applying to every place I possibly could. I sent out applications to Taco Bell, Golden Corral, Bojangles, Checkers, and I'm still going. I just really hope I get a job even if it's fast food. I just need an income...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Adopting a kitten!!!

Soooooo one of my boyfriend's friends from college contacted me today and asked if I wanted to have a kitten. Him and his fiancee found a little white kitten abandoned behind a library and they can't keep him because of costs to keep an animal in their apartment. SO he asked if I wanted a kitten and I said yes! Only thing is I can't have a kitten in the dorm, sooooo I asked my boyfriend and his roommates to cat sit for me for the next six months until I go home for the summer.

I'm gonna have a kitten hopefully in the next three weeks!! :D

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Job hunting...

Man I need a job... I really do. I came to college with $700 and now I have $298.55... that money disappeared fast... I've been trying to find work studies around campus and they are all filled up. So I started looking off campus and put in a few applications and haven't heard anything. It's probably because I don't have a car and I am in a touring choir. I really need a job though, so I started looking online and found a few things. I found, I remembered I have an ebay account and started that up again, i'm looking into other survey websites, and I found a book selling company that hires people to buy used books and then sell them to the company. SO i sent in an application for that, the employees get paid $25 an hour :)

I just really need to start making money. Anyone have any suggestions???

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Support breast cancer awareness with yogurt

So this week is breast cancer awareness week. The sorority ZTA is hosting the week with events and support for finding a cure for breast cancer. Today was the day that they were hosting a yogurt eating contest. Yoplait has pink lids all during the month of October and if you save the lids they go to finding a cure. So ZTA bought a BUNCH of yogurts and held this contest. As I was on my way to lunch I saw it and decided to go for it. It was so much fun! I now have a belly full of yogurt to support a good cause. :)
All these, plus one other is all the yogurt I ate

I am on the end listening to what is going to happen. We had to eat as much yogurt as we could in a matter of three minutes.

Removing the lids which is the whole purpose for doing this :)

Ready... Set... EAT!!!!!


I was eating so fast that, at one point, peach yogurt fell down my shirt

On my fifth thing of yogurt! I ate all eight and came in second place by two seconds. It was fun but my belly is not too happy with me for eating so many calories in so little time. lol

Friday, October 12, 2012

The future is looking bright

So today was the first meeting of the communication club at LR. I decided to be a part of this club since it sounded like a good idea as a PR major, and boy was I right to do this! Today we were discussing fundraising ideas that we could do so.... WE CAN GO TO COMMUNICATIONS CONVENTIONS IN SAN FRANCISCO THIS SPRING!!!! Every year there are communications conventions and this spring there is one in San Francisco that we are trying to go to, and next fall it is in New Orleans. There are also opportunities to work behind the scenes of a sports game and see what happens behind the camera. So we could go to NCAA basketball games, local soccer games, maybe even a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park! XD

I am getting so excited for this major that I want it to be further int he year so I can get into my communications classes and just dive into this club. I'm so excited!!! :D

hugs and kisses

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When life gets you down, try to make something good out of it. When life gets you down a second time, there's something wrong with the people in life...

So when I thought things were getting better it seems I was wrong. Everyone I talked to on my dorm floor suddenly started ignoring me, friends who I would talk to before the whole roommate issue are now BFFFFFFs with my roommate and are totally ignoring me. I don't know what is going on?? I am soooooooo confused! Did I "talk shit" about someone again? Is my roommate trying to turn everyone against me?? Am I so unlikable that people don't even wanna be around me?? This is so confusing! It's even more confusing cause one of my friends didn't like my roommate at all and now they are like, best friends. WHAT THE HELL????????

I was hoping to come to college with good experiences with people and to have a good time. I didn't want this to be like high school! This sounds like something that would happen in high school!!!!! I didn't come here to be ignored and outcasted from the world, I came here to make friends and get a good education. 

I also came here so I can SLEEP! This morning my roommate turns on her light and fucking HAIR DRYER a half an hour before I had to get up. WTF?!?!?!?!? I'm OBVIOUSLY sleeping, I don't do that to her! I keep the lights off so she can sleep, the only thing I do is open the blinds so I am not walking in the dark. I don't turn on hair dryers, I don't bang around the room, I don't do anything like that!

Why is this happening...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Newspaper updates!

So I am now officially a part of the university paper The Rhynean!! :D I did two articles for October and I am currently working on the three I have for November. I have one done but I need to work on the other two, the drafts are due no later than next week but I totally got this.

I am now also starting to get more involved in photography. It's something I have always really loved but never got into much, so I decided why not? Let's do it in the paper! Now I have my camera on me always so I can practice my picture taking. I hope I can do a good job on it. I really want to become more versatile with what career I am going into. So if I can write articles, take pictures, learn how to do layout, and brush up on my speaking skills then I am set!

Anna over and out xoxo

Friday, October 5, 2012


So today I decided that I was going to rearrange my side of the dorm. Things are much better with the roommate and we thought about lofting our beds to make more floor space. Since I had nothing else better to do today I decided to loft my bed. It took a while and wasn't easy but I got it done. I love how we have more room and I like where my desk is now (under my lofted bed). The only thing I don't like is the whole bed shakes when you get in or even move around a little bit, that worried me slightly. We will see how it goes tho, I do like the set up now though.

On another note I am going to an A Cappella Choir party with everyone in the choir. We eat, talk, have fun, just get to know each other. I'm excited for it. :) One of the girls even did my hair and makeup. So I'm all prepared for a fun night with the choir.

Hope everything is going well with you and have a wonderful day!
Anna xoxo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thinking of the future

So today I have really been thinking about my future, my future in my major. I am a Public Relations major here at LR and am only taking one Communications class this semester and I am really loving it. I am also a member of the university paper, The Rhynean, and also trying to get my own radio show for the radio station here. I am getting so active in the communications field and it is really getting me excited.

I've started thinking about future goals that I have for this career, I would love to be a wedding planner so I have been looking into just a general event planning job for when I first get out of college. I have already made a connection with someone in NYC about getting me a job possibly every summer, AND an internship. I would LOVE to start out in the city, New York is the place to go if I want to get a good leg up in PR. My connections says she could possibly get me into Brides Magazine!!!! :D How amazing would that be??? FREAKING AMAZING IS WHAT!!!!!

I am just so over excited about this that I don't think I can stay still. I need to get core curriculums out of the way before I can really hit on the Communications classes for my major. I need to space them out as best as I can and try to get them done early so by the time my junior and senior year rolls around I will be able to focus on my major and minor.

Well that's all I really have for today. I just wanted to share that info with you. Hope your day is goign well!

Anna xoxo

Saturday, September 29, 2012


So since my last post about my roommate problems things have been extremely awkward. She doesn't talk to me, she doesn't even acknowledge my existence, that sort of thing. I swear she's also trying to get me to not like her.
The day after our talk with the RA she decides to stay the night with her friend, that's fine with me whatever. She comes barging in at 6:50 that morning when i don't need to get up till 7:30. She turns on lights, bangs her dresser drawers open, turns on a hair dryer, yeah wasn't a fun way to wake up. That same day she decides to do laundry really late at night, okay whatever, but she kept me up as well. She had her friend over and they were blasting rap music so i couldn't sleep. She didn't finish and leave until way past midnight.
Then two days ago she decides to chill with her friend, that's perfectly fine with me. She comes in at 10 and grabs some stuff and leaves, I think she left to stay with her friend again. So I turn off the lights and get into bed, around 1 am she comes back and turns on a light... talk about a jolt awake there.
I dunno what's up, I'm trying to be nice but I think she trying to get on my nerves, I dunno. I don't want any more drama, I HATE drama. It's not fun at all. I just hope this does not become a regular thing...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This isn't Mean Girls...

So college had been going great until last week. My roommate was acting very strange and the atmosphere in the dorm got awkward. I didn't know if I was annoying her with something or what but I asked her about it one day and she refused to talk, so I dropped it. Even so that week she was very snappy and rather mean to me. Yelling at me cause I can't open the door cause I'm at class when she forgot her keys twice that day, giving me a lay down of what to do cause she's sleeping and will NOT be disturbed, explaining how my opening the blinds every morning wakes her up, and God knows what else.
Anyways, so this past weekend I went to stay with Ben cause I needed time to get away and just relax. When I got back things were fine here, erin moved a few things cause she didn't wanna share anymore but it was just water and soda. I'm not much of a soda drinker and i have a brita filter so waters good for me. Yesterday was hell though.
I was talking to a mutual friend about how I was worried i did something to upset erin last week that had her all snappy and she wouldn't say anything. I mentioned she moved the waters and separated our food and was getting more 'territorial' of her things but I wasn't mad about it.
Later that day I find a letter on my bed from her about how she's hearing for 4 different people that I am talking shit about her and how i'm accusing her of erasing my name on the whiteboard and that i am angry that i can't write on it (when i don't give a shit about the whiteboard), i'm not giving her enough surface space and she is mad that I left my cups on the dresser i'm using so they could dry after I washed them, all this shit that I don't even remember ever saying. I was so confused and hurt.
So I write her a letter back explaining how that what she's hearing isn't true and that i'm not mad at her or complaining about her at all. I don't know what happened to this letter but I never saw it again, she comes to the dorm and is there for like two minutes then leaves. I was hoping to talk to her. So throughout the day I am texting her asking what's up and asking to talk, she doesn't answer at all. Eventually I ask if she's gonna ignore me the whole day cause I wanna talk she says "Haven't you done enough talking?" Well no, I haven't talked to you!
So we are texting and it's getting mean, like she's saying she doesn't care what I say cause she doesn't believe me. I was never negative about her, I liked her as a roommate! I had nothing mean to say about her ever. She was a nice girl.
So here I am being beaten repeatedly with the same shit about how she's accusing me of doing all this shit, my mom convinced me to go to the RA. I give her the note she wrote me and all the text messages. The RA was even confused! Now the RD and another RA are involved and she is NOT happy about it cause the RA wants us to sit down and talk with her tonight. I want to to get this resolved and done, my roommate does not cause she thinks she can just accuse my of something and have it be done at that.
I just want this to stop. I do not want to not wanna go to my dorm, she can just go home or to the boyfriends if she wants, I live 8 hours away I just can't leave. I'm stuck here.

This is college... not high school... if you hear something tell me and ask me first before making accusations.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Getting used to college life

Well here I sit in my new dorm room with my snuggie over my body doing homework! I was so worried about starting college but I seem to have adapted into college life very well. I keep up with my homework the best I can, I'm making new friends, and getting used to all the walking around campus. It's a gorgeous campus and I am sorry I don't have any pictures, I keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I am walking around, maybe I will do that today actually.
Anyways, I am starting to realize how the money I got for graduation is not going to last me this whole year and I am hunting for a job like crazy, but unfortunately all of the campus jobs were taken so I might start looking outside campus.

Pic is not that great because I was in the car when it was taken

My sleeping quarters, it's a bit of a mess right now but I am trying to clean it

My side of the closet :)

TV and microwave :)

Fridge and fruit stash!

My roommate and I's very cluttered vanity

Most recent addition to my desk, bamboo! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day of classes

So today is my first day of class!! It was so much fun. I had my communications class first and that went really well, i am sure i am going to LOVE that class. With this class I have to have a blog and it cannot be this one sadly. I made a new one on and so I will be using that one a lot for class. I will still use this one for personal reasons though. :)

If you wanna read what i have to do for class here is the blog.

I am sitting in the lounge of the auditorium waiting for my FYE class then I have a meeting for choirs in this school. So that's about it.


Sunday, August 19, 2012


I am here! I am now a college student!! I am all moved into my dorm here at LR and my roommate is amazing! We are so alike it's insane. I have been doing orientation for the past 2 days and today is the last day of it. Tomorrow I need to do some running around in Hickory and get a new bank account set up, look for a work study, and prepare for classes this tuesday.

SO much has happened and it is so surreal that I am here. I still don't think it's true.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The day has arrived!!!

So this is it, my last day here in PA has come and almost gone. The car is all packed up and I am finishing up last minute packing. It's really happening, I am going to leave for college tomorrow!!! I am so excited! One problem has come up though, my dad has suddenly gotten sick today and feels terrible. He was going to come and help me move into my room and say goodbye to me, now it is looking like he won't come with. I don't want that, I wanted my dad to come along so I can say goodbye to him as well as my mom. My siblings aren't coming with so I need my parents to at least say bye there. I'm just praying that he gets well enough to come with. I want my daddy with me.

Anyways I am cleaning my room a bit so it doesn't look like a wreck. Moving things around, putting stuff away, that sort of thing. This room looks so empty now with all my stuff gone. It's really insane.

Gonna finish my skin routine and then head to bed. Got a long day of driving ahead of me tomorrow. Goodnight world!! xoxo

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last day of really working

So today is my last day of actually working at hershey for this summer!! I got a job through the Giant Center and i work concerts and tonight is my last concert working for this summer. It's the Big Time Rush concert, the last 2 concerts i was pouring beer for people (Dave Matthews and Nickleback) so I don't think I will be doing that tonight. I am in foods so i will either be sloshing fried foods or working cash register. Honestly i hope i do cash register, I don't like being around the hot foods. My last last day of work is this tuesday which is a tips class for serving alcohol. I already know all this but i won't mind sitting in a class for 3 hours being paid to be told what i already know. :)

So to pass time I am watching Most Daring which is a tv show about police videos that are the craziest that were caught on tape. I like watching cop shows, they really interest me. i could never do anything like what these people do, it's mad intense!

Well, that's about it now. Don't have much to say. 5 more days till i move to college. Packing more of my warm weather clothes and beginning to prepare my room for my leaving which consists of cleaning it and moving stuff around the room. It's really starting to hit me that I will be in NC this time next week at orientation.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
hugs and kisses xoxo

Friday, August 10, 2012


So the time has come! It is less than a week before I move to Lenoir-Rhyne for the start of my college life and a new chapter of living on my own. I am equally excited as I am nervous. I understand why I am moving 9 hours away. That's a long haul to go being on your own for the first time. I know I will be fine because I have people in Hickory that are there for me and that I have the safety net of my parents. I know I'm gonna cry when they leave, I know I will.

Well this is my college corner! Everything that I packed already. I have to pack two seasons of clothes because I cannot come home for breaks except christmas. So I have to pack warm and cooler weather clothes. I'm not taking any really heavy coats or overly warm things because I don't expect it to get very cold in NC.

The corner!

I still have all this warm weather stuff to pack. The left shoe rack, and a few things on the left side of my closet.

Better look at the corner

Here is my clothing packing area. The black suitcase has all my pants and cooler clothes in it. The printed duffel bags are for last minute clothing packing.

My scarf hanger!! I looooooove my scarfs! Taking them all :)

Inside of black suitcase

So that's it! Need to finish cleaning my room and last minute packing but I am ready! :D