Tuesday, November 6, 2012


What a title for the day of the presidential elections, but it's true! I am now free of my roommate!!! She completely moved out yesterday morning and now I have a room to myself!!! I moved my stuff around to how I want it, but my room is still a huge mess. I have so many papers all over the place it's crazy.

Here's my new room!! Yeah I know it's dull and messy, but that will change soon!!!

I took my roommate's desk and put it next to my bed. I'm gonna put all my beauty products on it.

My working desk, and random dresser. I have extra sheets, blankets, ext. in there and on top is where my TV is gonna go. :)

My food corner! I have my coffee pot, hot pot, toaster, fridge, and ottoman of food. I also have my colorful lamp and some prayer flags. I bought the flags in Asheville, they were pretty. 

And the closets. As she was moving out, my roommate took the curtain and rod I was using to cover my side of the closet. Her dad bought it for me so I guess she thought she was entitled to it. I don't really care but still, that's just juvenile. 

Anways, that's my new room!!! I like it and I am going to be adding rugs, curtains, wall decorations, the works as soon as i can.

Hugs and kisses
xoxo Anna

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