Saturday, July 30, 2011

SENIOR DAY and beginning of my lasts.

SO this week i had my final Band Camp ever, it was a hot humid week but i got through it well. Now to begin with my posts, every Friday is Senior Prank Day when the seniors get to deface school property to the theme of the show (The Incredibles this year) so Thursday night me and the seniors of 2012 stayed over and started working on our prank! Here are pics!!!

I did the windows, I am damn proud of my Incredible "I's" if i do say so myself. I also went window paint crazy and drew over every available window in the Band Hall. hahaha

The Band Hall itself!!! This is our Superhero obstacle course, the red were lasers and the black and yellow were toxic waste, you had to go through the hoops, through the tires, and under the net to become Incredible.

Our prank on our band directors office. We covered EVERYTHING in tin foil, put the drum majors stand in the middle of the room, and filled it with over 900 balloons!!

The Omnotron from the movie. It's a very saggy looking omnotron but it still was cool!!!

The seniors spray paint their names on the middle school hill every year. I was SOOOOOO happy to finally see my name on that field!! <3

We put the Incredibles symbol in the middle of the field and drew fake hash marks EVERYWHERE!!! lol

So that was my last band camp ever, like i said in my title this has begun the beginning of my lasts in high school. Soon it will be my last football game, my last homecoming, my last cavalcade, my last musical, my last madrigal, my last prom... It's gonna be a fun yet sad year. This is gonna be the end of a chapter of my life.

So i hope you enjoyed the pictures! FYI it was sooo much funn to deface school property!!! XD

Monday, July 25, 2011


So Band Camp has started!!!! This is my last band camp EVER and that makes me uber sad. :( But i am also super excited cause i'm a SENIOR!!! Which means we get to do the SENIOR PRANK  on Friday!!! It's gonna be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not gonna tell anyone what it is but ill take pics and put them up after this week. XD


Monday, July 18, 2011

A day with the boyfriend.

So yesterday was prolly one of the best days with Ben i have had in a while. 2 days ago we decided that on his and my day off we wanted to go to Knoebels for the day! I was gonna pack a lunch and drive, and we would just hang out there all day.

So yesterday i woke up around 7, started packing the food in my coolers and texted Ben to wake him up so he could get ready when i pick him up. I wanted to leave early to get a good parking space and to avoid traffic. Anyways, i got all ready and went over to Ben's and his laundry still wasn't done so that annoyed me a bit. So while waiting on the laundry we ate breakfast, then he got ready and we left around 8:40ish. We were gonna use my moms GPS to get there, but we messed it up going to Hess and getting gas, then Exon to go to an ATM. Then we missed our turn onto 81 and had to turn around and go back.

We finally got there around 9:50, an hour before the park actually opens. So we just walked around and talked, it was nice with the cool morning air and not very loud. We then went back to my car and got my coolers. I only forgot one thing... I didn't bring utensils. So i was walking around asking people if they had plastic forks and knives. I finally got some spoons and a knife but it worked.

After we ate we got tickets and road the sky ride for my first time, it was a nice ride with a nice view of the park. Then during the heat of the day we walked around int he stores and arcade. AND I WON SOMETHING IN THE ARCADE!!! I NEVER win anything in arcades!!

I won a Angry Birds pig and red bird! I wanted to get the yellow bird too but i didn't wanna spend too much money. I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!

We walked around some more, ate deep fried seafood, then decided to leave cause we were both getting super tired. Ben slept on the way back and i was trying my hardest to stay awake.

We went back to Ben's house and i took his computer and we started to watch Men In Black and i went comment crazy on Erin's blog. After all that Sue (Ben's mommy) made us tuna sandwiches and then i left to go home. We never got to do our firefly catching contest. :(
But it was a great day. :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


So i babysat my boyfriends nephew this morning, i got up at 6:30 to be there by 7 so he had someone he knew to wake up to. Second i got there i put in my tape of Batman episodes and watched those until Brendan woke up. We made 2 eggs and he ate all of them! It was great! Then we sat down and watched some Batman, he really started to like it too. Then we woke up Ben and kept watching Batman while he showered. After Ben was done we went outside for about a half hour and played Basketball and watched the land lord work on the "tractor" (it was a back hoe)

Then when we got back into the house we put in the Batman movie and ate chicken strips, again Brendan ate amazing! He had 3 and a half full chicken strips and a box of juice. And by the time the movie was starting Max got home and i had a hour relaxing time. And that whole time Ben was sleeping on my lap. Then I went though poker lessons with max and ben, they aren't very good teachers. haha I'm slowly but surely learning.

So that is about it. Right now i am just chilling at home. So i hope your day is going well. :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bored outta my mind

So i am sitting here at midnight on my computer waiting for my sister to get back home before going to bed... So to pass out my boredom i am looking up engagement rings i LOVE. lol

This is a James Allen engagement ring that i LOVE!!! I really like tri stones. :)

I'm not really a big fan of larger stone designs but this one is super pretty! This one is from Secret Diamond.

I really like this wedding band set, it's so freakin gorgeous!! This is Kirk Kara as you can see on the band. :P

I love vintage, so this vintage ring is GORGEOUS!!! I love rings with an intricate design, it makes it more interesting to look at instead of plain diamond in the middle.

This is another vintage ring that i wouldn't like on a modern ring, but for some reason i really like this ring. :)

This is another James Allen i really love!

I normally don't like colored jewels but i am in LOVE with this one!!! I WANT IT!!! lol

I'm not really big into this kind of design on an engagement ring, but this one is really pretty. :)

I love claddagh rings! I am Irish, not a lot but I do have that Irish blood in me. And i absolutely LOVE the claddagh ring, and I have always wanted to own one. This engagement one is gorgeous and i love it!

For my last ring i decided to show one i really liked for a guy. I know guys usually like the plain, nothing fancy band, but this design is really amazing and i love it!

Well that's all I have for tonight. Until next time when i am up this late looking up wedding related stuff.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amazing day yesterday!!!

Im back from North Carolina!!!!! It was a nice trip, was rather boring i will admit but there really isn't anything to do in Pinetops. Actually had a super scare, had to take my papa to the ER cause he was having super constipation problems but he's fine now and can poop. :P

Anyways, yesterday, omg it was sooo much funn!!!!! I hung out with Ben and his mom the whole day and we did soo much it was great! They picked me up at my house round 9ish and we went to Hamburg to pick up Memi (who is Sue's mom, Ben's grandma) and we went to Farmer's Market which is this GIANT outside store really with CHEAP STUFF!!! It's got everything from clothes, to toys, to books, to food, to cooking gadgets, anything people bring they wanna sell. It was great! We walked around for almost 2 hours and didn't even see the whole thing! I got a really pretty dress for $8, a quart of blueberries for $2, and a GORGEOUS purse that was $25. I didn't buy the purse tho, Ben gave me $5 and Sue gave me $20 to get it. So i owe them money but I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!

So after that we drove back to Ben's Memi's and dropped her off at home, then we drove back to my house so i could change into my new dress which looked AMAZING on me, and to get my swim suit because later we were gonna go to Ben's Aunt Sandy's house to go swimming! Then we went to Eagle Hotel to get lunch, that took forever cause it was busy and only one bar girl but that's okay. We went back to Ben's chilled for a little bit, then went to his Aunt Sandy's and swam for about 2 hours. It was great! I think i got a tiny bit tanner but prolly not which makes me sad. I haven't had time to tan. :(

After that we went back to Ben's and chilled there till i went home. It was just a great day. I love his family. <3 :)