Saturday, March 26, 2011

College Visits!

Yes that's right! I have 2 colleges i am visiting next month! Elon University on April 9th for their Spring Open House, and Lenior-Rhyne University on April 11th for a personal tour! I would be going for Musica Education as my major and Theatre Arts as minor. If you haven't guessed already i wanna be a music teacher and direct musicals and whatnot like Mrs Masser does. I REALLY like Elon, they have a beautiful campus, and a marching band, a really good looking music department, a lot of oportinuties! But they are very hard with who enters, gotta have an average 3.5-4.0 GPA, and between 1700-1900 on SATs. It's insane! Lenior-Rhyne also looks really nice. They have a really pretty campus and its in the town i was born. My parents used to take me on walks on the campus when i was a baby. My Unlce Andy tells me that their music department is WAYYYYY better than Elons but i will find that out for myself. They don't have a marching band but they have an acapella choir that tours the world and they are amazing! I also like gardner-Wedd University but i cannot make any of their Dawg Days which are open houses really, so i may just visit them in the summer.
I'm hoping i get into at least one of them, I'm scared i may not get accepted and i'll not go to college. Becuase for any music department you need to audition... *gulp*

On other news i had work today 2-5. It was a nice steady day, was working salad bar and pasta so i was stocking up salad stuff and cooking pasta and sauce. I also helped pizza line a bit by making skids and putting together pizzas at times. I work again tomorrow 5-9 which means i can take leftover pizza home with me! :)

I went to a concert last night to see Framing Hanley and Sick Puppies at the Cameleon club! IT WAS AWSOME!!!! I still can't completly hear right! I got a Framing Hanley tee with it signed by NIXON and a Sick Puppies tee that they ALL signed! I'm such a happy girl!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Masser's interesting stories.

I had so many things to say about today which i totally forget of course... If i remember ill say something. But in chamber choir my teacher Mrs Masser was telling us interesting stories about her trip to New Orleans. There are scary people there apperantly... haha

Dude im soo pissed i forgot all i wanted to say...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Musical's over!!! :'(

Well, today was the last show. I almost cried, knowing i have only one more year for musical. :'(

Well, i haven't heard anything from ben for over a day now. Rather sad nows, but i has me friend Beckie over and we is watching True Blood. First time i've ever seen it so this will be interesting.

Nothing else to say. ttyl

Friday, March 11, 2011

My first performance!!

Well, just finished with my first performance today and OMG IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The whole thing went perfectly! I was spot on with my lines and i actually sounded good when i was singing I'll Never Be Jealous Again! Remembered the words, was on pitch, words were clear so people could understand what i was saying, needless to say i felt AMAZINGAL after that song and dance. The whole night was sooooo much fun and my family was there along with Ben's mom and nana, it was great having so many people i know go to see me. I'm still super pumped with energy from the whole thing!!! :D

But with all this good stuff there is also a bad thing, just that i have NO contact with ben what so ever. He is in the Blue Ridge Mountains with his friends from college for the weekend and he has no cell phone service. I think it's totally awsome he's going out and doing things instead of sitting on his ass all day on video games.(sorry baby if you are reading this) But i've never gone not talking to me for one day let along a whole weekend. But i guess if there was any weekend to not talk to him at all the best is this one. I'm gonna be super busy tomorrow with 2 shows for musical, one in afternoon at 1:00 and then a 7:30 show so i will have no time for texting. And then Sunday i will be sleeping in and i have my orientation at 2:00 and that will be a good 2 hours or so. So yeah, this is the best weekend for that, doesn't mean i'm still sad i can't talk to him at all. :'(

I don't really have anything else to say, the exhaustion has started to kick in so my computer screen is getting blury and my eyes are going out of focus so i think i'm gonna go. Night everyone!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

First night of performances!!!

Yup! It has begun! It is the opening night of The Pajama game tonight!!! I'm super excited! Although it's not my cast tonight but it don't matter, i still get to be in Once A Year Day which is an AWSOME musical number! As for the rest of the time, i'm going to be backstage working on 3 essays i need to write for english... *puts gun to head and pulls trigger* :P

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Watching wedding movies and eating donuts

Ahhhh wedding movies how i love them so. Just a warning i am SUCH a hopeless romantic and when i watch wedding shows/movies it gets worse. I mean i go overboard with mushyness and romanticness. And since no one can tell me otherwise imma go overboard with mushyness and craziness! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

So im watching Bride Wars now (amazing move!) and of course its got me thinking about when i wanna get married. Now one of my oldest and amazingest friends is engaged and is planning her wedding right now and i is super jealous of her! I wanna be getting married nows! AJGYRGBSGDHJK!!! < Crazy banging on my keys
*composes self* Okay, sorry. I just can't wait until the day i get married, i've been dreaming about it ever since i was a little girl. I'm so excited for her and so happy for her! :) She's one of me bestest friends and i've known her since she moved here in 4th grade, i think it was 4th grade... haha And i hope she and her fiance have an amazingal life together and all the planning goes well. :)

Well yeah since im in a crazy romantic mood imma go crazy and talk talk TALK!!! :P Well of course when you think about getting married theres the actually proposal you need to think about, and let me tell you i gots ideas about how i wanna be proposed to, every girl dreams about how they wanna be proposed to and what their wedding will be like. Even though they can't really take control on how they get proposed to since its the guy who does that but they have control on how their wedding goes. Cause the bride's always right!!! hahaha

But anyways, what was i saying... oh yeah! Proposals. To all my girlies out there, how would you wanna get proposed to?? I'm now suddenly crazy curious on how you guys think it should happen? I think it should be really sweet and romantic, like i've always dreamed of getting proposed to on a beach. I don't know why but i just always have. I don't really wanna be proposed to in a public place, i don't like the idea of people watching and the pressure that would be there. As for the whole beach thing, i don't know but i've always loved the beach and had some sort of connection with it. I know i'm weird. lol :p

Aww man there is so much more i wanna say but i think i am going to stop. I'm tired and need to go to bed soon. I've been crazy sleep deprived and with it being musical week i'm gonna be up late and then i have PSSAs next week and i start work. Man i'm a busy person. haha

Well this is mushy romantic Anna signing off!!

Last musical practice for The Pajama Game!!!

Holas my fellow peoples reading this! Well today was not really a very good start off to my day, i barely slept last night for reasons i won't say and didn't get to bed till about 3ish.

Musical practice, musical practice. Oh where do i begin... I guess at the beginning, that's always a good place to start. Well my cast had one last practice since our showing isn't until Friday night and this one was prolly my most memorble one yet! To start things off Ian raped my face with his scratchy head! Yeah, he shaved the top of his head for his part, Hines, and the hair is already starting to grow back so he came up to me, Lauren and one other girl and rubed the top of his head on our cheeks! Since the hair was growing back it itched and made our cheeks red! So that made me smile, then poor Masser got attacked with coffee. Every practice someone gets her coffee and today it was taylor, and from what i got (I was backstage at this time) Taylor threw the coffee at Masser and she spilled it all over her and the carpet in the aisle! So shes freaking out, Taylor is appologizing, and since we have so many shirts handy Masser grabbed a Guys and Dolls shirt and a South Pacific shirt and patted them on the coffee. So now we have a brown coffee smelling Guys and Dolls shirt and a South Pacific shirt that also smells like coffee. haha

During the actual rehersal we just BSed our way through the whole thing. We skipped all the songs and messed around during the scenes. Charlito gave Lucas a lap dance, Bruce yelled in Logan's face making her run off almost crying, Lucas swears Bruce broke his hand, Katie and Chelsea were jumping on each other doing lord knows what, Louis was taking his pants off almost every 5 minutes during the pants falling down scene (yes there is a scene were Hines takes his pants off and stands awkwardly in his underwear), I got to watch as Louis stabed Lucas with a marker and one of the fake knives we have, there was a glow in the dark tape ball being thrown around, and of course we jumped all around being complete morons.

Ahhh musical, i will miss you when this week is out. But then there's always next year!!! :D

Monday, March 7, 2011

I've given in

Yes, i am making a blog. Hey i decided it gives me something to do. Not that anyone would read this crap but hey, gives me something to imagine. That someone out there would read this and i would be a muchos happy person! :)

Well guess i should tell ya'll a bit about myself. My name is Anna Harris, i am 17 years old and i am a junior in high school. I am in the musical The Pajama Game and am the character Mabel, that is where i got my pic. Its the pics that get taken and put in the show case at my school so everyone knows who is who. haha
I am in Marching Band, Jazz Band, Jr/Sr Class Play and i am currently working at Infinitos in Lebanon! Well, im not working yet, i was hired but i need to wait for Musical to finish. My orientation is on Sunday March 13th so after that i start working! It's my first job so i am super mega excited. :)

I have a super awsome, amazingal, sweet, lovable, BEST boyfriend in the world! We have been dating for a year and a half now (yeah i know. a long time) and i am sooooo much in love with him! He is currently going to college in North Carolina and i miss him soooooooo much! I won't get to see him again until May 20th at the earliest and that makes me sad. :'( But life goes on. I talk to him every day and i hope to get a webcam so i can chat with him and see him. :)

Well that seems to be about it that i can say right now... can' t think of anything else. So imma go, i hope someone is reading this... :p