Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Overview

So the year we all were supposed to die is almost over. Like last year I think I am going to review everything that happened to me this year and see if I can remember everything.

Review of 2012:

  • Spent New Years at my boyfriend's
  • Got Aunt Eller in the musical
  • Started talking to future roommate
  • Did FAFSA with my mom 
  • Started taking physical therapy for my back
  • Got flowers from Ben for valentines day
  • Visited LR for early admission students and met my future roommate
  • Got to shoot a starter gun for musical
  • Had a blast during musical and cried when it was over
  • Got a waitressing and bar tending job at a local restaurant 
  • Began to get closer to my best friend
  • Had more heart-to-hearts with her
  • Quit my Infinitos job to be more available for waitressing job
  • Therapy began to really help my back
  • Started preparing for graduation
  • Got fired from my waitressing job for reasons unknown
  • Went to Connecticut with my best friend and got my first tattoos
  • Went to the Metropolitan in NYC and got to see amazing art
  • Had my last prom
  • Went to Six Flags and a cruise down the Hudson River for senior trip
  • Had my last concerts
  • Got a job at Hershey Giant Center
  • Watched my NCCS friends graduate 
  • Graduated from high school
  • Started working for Hershey
  • Started talking to future roommate more and more
  • Began to take organ lessons
  • Started buying college necessities and pack up for the move
  • Went to a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park
  • Went to the PA Renaissance Faire and got a costume
  • Began college and moved in with roommate
  • Started taking classes and got really involved
  • Joined many clubs and choirs
  • Made many friends
  • Went to a few frat parties
  • Things begin to get sour with roommate
  • Rumors spread and things get fixed with RA help
  • Roommate gets a BFF and they start ignoring me
  • Friends from beginning of year stop contacting me
  • Go to homecoming frat party
  • Start talking to people in my dorm
  • Get closer to a cappella members
  • Go on fall tour and have a blast
  • Come back to intense bullying from roommate and her friend
  • Corset goes missing
  • More rumors are spread
  • Found out roommate stole and destroyed corset for shits and giggles
  • Roommate moves out
  • Money starts to get low
  • Friends in dorm room stay by my side
  • Get pressured into taking ex roommate to court
  • Go on Thanksgiving break and relax with family and high school friends
  • My best friend and I catch up and talk even more
  • Grades begin to slightly go low and stress sets in
  • Get a room all to myself
  • Evidence against ex roommate pile up
  • Begin to get closer to dorm friends
  • Money gets dangerously low
  • Visits boyfriend and PA friend comes as well
  • Have fantastic times!
  • Gets hired by Belltower Books to be campus captain
  • Finally the court date comes, everything goes horribly wrong
  • My evidence gets lost and key witness decides not to come cause she's busy having sex
  • I don't get reimbursed for destroyed corset
  • Finals begin and pressure/stress goes through the roof
  • Watch as Karma gets my ex roommate in the ass and enjoys every moment
  • Has wonderful time with friends
  • Buy lots of books for work
  • Finish finals
  • Money is gone
  • After a lot of stress and problems, the books get transferred to storage and money put in bank
  • Go home for christmas
  • Start working at Hershey again
  • See high school friends
  • Start looking for summer job
  • Apply at HACC for summer classes
  • Get to see Ben for christmas
  • Get a lot of college things I needed
  • Start slowly getting more money
  • Discover that Ben got a job in Germany and will be there for 6 months, so proud of my man!! <3
  • Start preparing for second semester of college
  • Looking forward to the new year and working on my resolutions
So that's my review. 2012 was not the best year for me when I look back, but I learned a lot of things about myself and how I handle situations by myself. Looking forward to 2013 and making it better. Happy New Year everyone!!

Love and kisses
Anna xoxo

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So Christmas has come and gone and it was a good one. We actually hate a white christmas this year and it was fantastic!! It started Christmas Eve and was completely white Christmas day. :D

I got a lot of what i wanted this year and most of it was for school. A printer, an iHome, a DVD player, a large Vera Bradly duffel in Suzani, Cinderella DVD, a lot of hair and facial products I needed, food, a can opener, a bathrobe, a tea strainer, an organ bag to hold my shoes and music, an iTunes card, and other school needed items. It was probably really funny watching me get excited over a can opener and cans of tuna. hahaha

Overall it was a good christmas, took my boyfriend to see Les Miserables and he loved it. I cried even harder than I did when I saw the early preview. I'm glad I got to see him on christmas. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas vacation, catchup, and early premieres

So now that all the drama of first semester is over I am home now on my christmas vacation. I haven't been sleeping though, been up late and can't sleep in and it sucks! I've been job hunting for the summer so I can be working while I take summer classes at a local community college. I also have been working every few days at Hershey at the Giant Center for something. I need to buy books yet and I need the money for it. I'm so poor I can't afford my books or even gas. I don't like it :'(

Well today I'm excited. One of my old friends from high school has tickets for an early showing of Les mis tonight and we are going to see it!! I'm excited!! I've been wanting to see this since I heard they were making it. I can't wait to go!

I hope this will help me to calm down about my money problems and relax after all the insane drama this semester.

That's the update I have. I'm sure I'll have more later, i'm leaving to pick up my friend soon so I'm getting ready to leave.

Love and kisses,
Anna xoxo

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life never goes the way we want

So had my court date yesterday, to try and get reimbursed for the corset. It was going to be me, and two other witnesses against my roommate and her friend. Unfortunately my key witness got sick and refused to get out of bed or even write a written statement for us. So we go into court, make complete fools of ourselves, and my roommate gets away without anything. She wasn't found responsible due to lack of evidence, and they re celebrating on facebook with things like "those bitches didn't know what was coming!" and "we had this in the bag". That day was awful... then I forgot about a test in music class and then my student recital went whack cause my voice kept cracking.

So yeah... corset didn't get the revenge it deserved.