Monday, October 22, 2012

Adopting a kitten!!!

Soooooo one of my boyfriend's friends from college contacted me today and asked if I wanted to have a kitten. Him and his fiancee found a little white kitten abandoned behind a library and they can't keep him because of costs to keep an animal in their apartment. SO he asked if I wanted a kitten and I said yes! Only thing is I can't have a kitten in the dorm, sooooo I asked my boyfriend and his roommates to cat sit for me for the next six months until I go home for the summer.

I'm gonna have a kitten hopefully in the next three weeks!! :D


  1. Hey you! Yeah, you! We gotta talk about this kitten thing... Unless I magically manage to get money to pay off the majority of my bills and still have enough money to pay the pet fee at my apartment complex, you're gonna have to pay some of the $150 that will be our share. I might be able to get Alex and Sean to pay some of it, but I'm gonna need you to pay at least $50 :p

  2. I could do that if I get this work study or some sort of income :P