Friday, October 26, 2012

Seriously GROW UP!!!!!

Okay so remember how I said I wished things would get better between my roommate and I after break? Yeah that didn't happen! So today was a decent day, classes went well, had a job interview at Bojangles, and met some new people. Things seemed to be going well, until I got back to my room... I walked in to see that my chair was moved and my blanket I have covering it was on my bed. Okay whatever, people sit in my chair. Then I noticed that my hair straightener was on the floor, there are pretzel crumbs all over the floor and on my desk, and my black rolling luggage was not on the floor where I left it. It was shoved into a shelf on its side. I HAVE BREAKABLE CHINA IN THAT SUITCASE!!! I even told my roommate that's why it was on the floor in the first place! So I pull it out, nothings broken thank god. SO then I am rearranging my closet and shelves to try and fit my suitcase somewhere... after an hour i FINALLY got it all worked out.

SO then I start to get ready for bed, I go to pull out a cami from my laundry hamper and can't find it. I had laid it on the top and my clothes were all shuffled around. As I am looking for my cami I find that PREZEL CRUMBS were mixed up into my clothes! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?! This has me pissed off. So I go tell my RA but there's nothing we can do... so I hang out with a few friends, make tea and calm myself down. About midnight I am falling asleep so i go back into my room to go to bed. That's when I notice that my comforter is crinkled at the bottom, I have a bad feeling... I pull my covers over to find MORE GODDAMN PRETZEL CRUMBS IN MY BED!!!! They were on the mattress, in between sheets, in my comforter, THEY WERE FUCKING EVERYWHERE!!!!! OBVIOUSLY PUT THERE ON PURPOSE!!!! At this point I am about to kill someone... I go BACK to my RA and show her all the pretzel crumbs and she is shocked. She helped me to change my sheets and was telling me that she was going to the RD about all this THANK GOD!

I cannot believe this! I haven't done ANYTHING to my roommate to deserve being treated this way! I have been nothing but nice even after the first argument we had over rumors of something I didn't do! This is going too damn far... this is immature and stupid!!! So my RA tells me she and the RD are going to talk to my roommate alone and figure out why the fuck she is doing this, I wanna know as well! Is this something to just get me mad? Well it did, but I am not going to stoop to her level. I am going to be mature and be all smiles just to piss her off. :)

I'm on fall tour with the a cappella choir so this is time for me to cool off and have fun. I just can't wait to see what happens this week...


  1. You misspelled Pretzel :p

    In all seriousness though, would you like me to kill them? I can make it look like an accident... or suicide... Whichever you prefer... :p

  2. Suicide, so I get free tuition.

  3. I want to help!!! would be lots of fun =)