Monday, October 29, 2012

Scheduling for spring

So today I had my scheduling meeting with my advisor for spring classes. I have a lot of classes that I need to take for my major and my minor, plus core classes, so my advisor suggested i take summer classes at a local community college. So i am thinking to going to HACC this summer and take 2-3 classes then that are core classes that can be easily transferred.

I looked through available classes for the spring, and also emailed the Lebanon HACC admissions saying i wanted to take summer classes. I came up with this schedule for next semester and i hope it works for me.

Media Writing I 9:00-9:50
Aural Skills 11:00-11:50
Microeconomics 1:00-1:50

Harmony & Analysis I 8:00-9:15
Oral Communication 9:25-10:40
Web & Net Centric 10:50-12:05
FYE 1:40-2:55

Plus my organ and voice lessons, chapel and a cappella choir.

So that's my plan as of now for next semester. :)

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