Friday, August 10, 2012


So the time has come! It is less than a week before I move to Lenoir-Rhyne for the start of my college life and a new chapter of living on my own. I am equally excited as I am nervous. I understand why I am moving 9 hours away. That's a long haul to go being on your own for the first time. I know I will be fine because I have people in Hickory that are there for me and that I have the safety net of my parents. I know I'm gonna cry when they leave, I know I will.

Well this is my college corner! Everything that I packed already. I have to pack two seasons of clothes because I cannot come home for breaks except christmas. So I have to pack warm and cooler weather clothes. I'm not taking any really heavy coats or overly warm things because I don't expect it to get very cold in NC.

The corner!

I still have all this warm weather stuff to pack. The left shoe rack, and a few things on the left side of my closet.

Better look at the corner

Here is my clothing packing area. The black suitcase has all my pants and cooler clothes in it. The printed duffel bags are for last minute clothing packing.

My scarf hanger!! I looooooove my scarfs! Taking them all :)

Inside of black suitcase

So that's it! Need to finish cleaning my room and last minute packing but I am ready! :D

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