Saturday, September 29, 2012


So since my last post about my roommate problems things have been extremely awkward. She doesn't talk to me, she doesn't even acknowledge my existence, that sort of thing. I swear she's also trying to get me to not like her.
The day after our talk with the RA she decides to stay the night with her friend, that's fine with me whatever. She comes barging in at 6:50 that morning when i don't need to get up till 7:30. She turns on lights, bangs her dresser drawers open, turns on a hair dryer, yeah wasn't a fun way to wake up. That same day she decides to do laundry really late at night, okay whatever, but she kept me up as well. She had her friend over and they were blasting rap music so i couldn't sleep. She didn't finish and leave until way past midnight.
Then two days ago she decides to chill with her friend, that's perfectly fine with me. She comes in at 10 and grabs some stuff and leaves, I think she left to stay with her friend again. So I turn off the lights and get into bed, around 1 am she comes back and turns on a light... talk about a jolt awake there.
I dunno what's up, I'm trying to be nice but I think she trying to get on my nerves, I dunno. I don't want any more drama, I HATE drama. It's not fun at all. I just hope this does not become a regular thing...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This isn't Mean Girls...

So college had been going great until last week. My roommate was acting very strange and the atmosphere in the dorm got awkward. I didn't know if I was annoying her with something or what but I asked her about it one day and she refused to talk, so I dropped it. Even so that week she was very snappy and rather mean to me. Yelling at me cause I can't open the door cause I'm at class when she forgot her keys twice that day, giving me a lay down of what to do cause she's sleeping and will NOT be disturbed, explaining how my opening the blinds every morning wakes her up, and God knows what else.
Anyways, so this past weekend I went to stay with Ben cause I needed time to get away and just relax. When I got back things were fine here, erin moved a few things cause she didn't wanna share anymore but it was just water and soda. I'm not much of a soda drinker and i have a brita filter so waters good for me. Yesterday was hell though.
I was talking to a mutual friend about how I was worried i did something to upset erin last week that had her all snappy and she wouldn't say anything. I mentioned she moved the waters and separated our food and was getting more 'territorial' of her things but I wasn't mad about it.
Later that day I find a letter on my bed from her about how she's hearing for 4 different people that I am talking shit about her and how i'm accusing her of erasing my name on the whiteboard and that i am angry that i can't write on it (when i don't give a shit about the whiteboard), i'm not giving her enough surface space and she is mad that I left my cups on the dresser i'm using so they could dry after I washed them, all this shit that I don't even remember ever saying. I was so confused and hurt.
So I write her a letter back explaining how that what she's hearing isn't true and that i'm not mad at her or complaining about her at all. I don't know what happened to this letter but I never saw it again, she comes to the dorm and is there for like two minutes then leaves. I was hoping to talk to her. So throughout the day I am texting her asking what's up and asking to talk, she doesn't answer at all. Eventually I ask if she's gonna ignore me the whole day cause I wanna talk she says "Haven't you done enough talking?" Well no, I haven't talked to you!
So we are texting and it's getting mean, like she's saying she doesn't care what I say cause she doesn't believe me. I was never negative about her, I liked her as a roommate! I had nothing mean to say about her ever. She was a nice girl.
So here I am being beaten repeatedly with the same shit about how she's accusing me of doing all this shit, my mom convinced me to go to the RA. I give her the note she wrote me and all the text messages. The RA was even confused! Now the RD and another RA are involved and she is NOT happy about it cause the RA wants us to sit down and talk with her tonight. I want to to get this resolved and done, my roommate does not cause she thinks she can just accuse my of something and have it be done at that.
I just want this to stop. I do not want to not wanna go to my dorm, she can just go home or to the boyfriends if she wants, I live 8 hours away I just can't leave. I'm stuck here.

This is college... not high school... if you hear something tell me and ask me first before making accusations.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Getting used to college life

Well here I sit in my new dorm room with my snuggie over my body doing homework! I was so worried about starting college but I seem to have adapted into college life very well. I keep up with my homework the best I can, I'm making new friends, and getting used to all the walking around campus. It's a gorgeous campus and I am sorry I don't have any pictures, I keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I am walking around, maybe I will do that today actually.
Anyways, I am starting to realize how the money I got for graduation is not going to last me this whole year and I am hunting for a job like crazy, but unfortunately all of the campus jobs were taken so I might start looking outside campus.

Pic is not that great because I was in the car when it was taken

My sleeping quarters, it's a bit of a mess right now but I am trying to clean it

My side of the closet :)

TV and microwave :)

Fridge and fruit stash!

My roommate and I's very cluttered vanity

Most recent addition to my desk, bamboo!