Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas vacation, catchup, and early premieres

So now that all the drama of first semester is over I am home now on my christmas vacation. I haven't been sleeping though, been up late and can't sleep in and it sucks! I've been job hunting for the summer so I can be working while I take summer classes at a local community college. I also have been working every few days at Hershey at the Giant Center for something. I need to buy books yet and I need the money for it. I'm so poor I can't afford my books or even gas. I don't like it :'(

Well today I'm excited. One of my old friends from high school has tickets for an early showing of Les mis tonight and we are going to see it!! I'm excited!! I've been wanting to see this since I heard they were making it. I can't wait to go!

I hope this will help me to calm down about my money problems and relax after all the insane drama this semester.

That's the update I have. I'm sure I'll have more later, i'm leaving to pick up my friend soon so I'm getting ready to leave.

Love and kisses,
Anna xoxo

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