Saturday, September 29, 2012


So since my last post about my roommate problems things have been extremely awkward. She doesn't talk to me, she doesn't even acknowledge my existence, that sort of thing. I swear she's also trying to get me to not like her.
The day after our talk with the RA she decides to stay the night with her friend, that's fine with me whatever. She comes barging in at 6:50 that morning when i don't need to get up till 7:30. She turns on lights, bangs her dresser drawers open, turns on a hair dryer, yeah wasn't a fun way to wake up. That same day she decides to do laundry really late at night, okay whatever, but she kept me up as well. She had her friend over and they were blasting rap music so i couldn't sleep. She didn't finish and leave until way past midnight.
Then two days ago she decides to chill with her friend, that's perfectly fine with me. She comes in at 10 and grabs some stuff and leaves, I think she left to stay with her friend again. So I turn off the lights and get into bed, around 1 am she comes back and turns on a light... talk about a jolt awake there.
I dunno what's up, I'm trying to be nice but I think she trying to get on my nerves, I dunno. I don't want any more drama, I HATE drama. It's not fun at all. I just hope this does not become a regular thing...

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