Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The day has arrived!!!

So this is it, my last day here in PA has come and almost gone. The car is all packed up and I am finishing up last minute packing. It's really happening, I am going to leave for college tomorrow!!! I am so excited! One problem has come up though, my dad has suddenly gotten sick today and feels terrible. He was going to come and help me move into my room and say goodbye to me, now it is looking like he won't come with. I don't want that, I wanted my dad to come along so I can say goodbye to him as well as my mom. My siblings aren't coming with so I need my parents to at least say bye there. I'm just praying that he gets well enough to come with. I want my daddy with me.

Anyways I am cleaning my room a bit so it doesn't look like a wreck. Moving things around, putting stuff away, that sort of thing. This room looks so empty now with all my stuff gone. It's really insane.

Gonna finish my skin routine and then head to bed. Got a long day of driving ahead of me tomorrow. Goodnight world!! xoxo

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