Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 overview

So another year has come and gone, and it went by sooo fast. I decided to write out a list of all the good and bad things that happened this year as an overview of what happened to me. If i can remember it all that is, I did so much...


  • I got my license in January 
  • Got my first edible arrangement from my boyfriend for valentines day
  • Got a lead in the musical
  • Got my first job at Infinitos Pizza Buffet
  • Had a few fights with Ben over spring but worked everything out by summer
  • Got to meet a famous saxophone player in the jazz band
  • Had a lot of car issues and once got stranded on a highway
  • Started working on my graduation project which consists of cleaning and organizing a WHOLE music library
  • Started college searching
  • Visited Elon University and Lenoir-Rhyne University as possible options
  • Went to prom with my bestest girlfriend Beckie
  • Started watching, and got hooked on True Blood
  • Began my compulsiveness shopping problem in June
  • Worked a lot over the summer
  • Watched Ben's nephew Brendan a few times
  • Started my last year of marching band with the Incredibles
  • Went to Montana to visit family
  • Chilled in a hot tub for the first time in my life and LOVED IT!!!
  • Went to Yellowstone National Park and saw soooooo many amazing sights
  • Went to Knoebels with Ben for a day
  • Started off the school year having an argument with Ben and watching him drive away wanting to punch him
  • Made a new friend in marching band <3
  • Visited Millersville as a possible college option
  • Applied to Lenoir-Rhyne University and Millersville University
  • Started a fashion blog and discovered a love of fashion and photography
  • Decided I wanted to be a wedding planner for a career
  • Got accepted to Lenoir-Rhyne University and was soooooo excited!!
  • Started having lower back pains that were so painful had to go on many medications
  • Was the Charwoman in play A Christmas Carol
  • Had massive flooding which destroyed our downstairs rooms
  • Joined a singing group called Shining Light
  • Had a white Halloween which threw me off ridiculously
  • Went to Teen Challenge for Shining Light and met some wonderful men there who i respect
  • Began hanging out more with an old friend and we got closer <3
  • Went to Rikers Island with Shining Light and sang for inmates which was an interesting experience
  • We lost drastically in Championships for marching band
  • Turned 18
  • Discovered online shopping
  • Visited North Carolina family for Thanksgiving
  • Started talking to other people going to LR next year
  • Was the Queen at Madrigal
  • Sang at Hershey Bears game
  • Got the lead i wanted in the musical for 2012
  • Got a $0.10 raise at work...
  • Back started getting REALLY bad so have to start physical therapy
  • Money started getting VERY tight
  • Went negative on my account and now have a $30 charge from the bank
  • Been able to see Ben again after four months
  • Lost my voice almost christmas eve
  • Learned a LOT more about myself this year than any year i've had so far

So that is my quick overview of 2011. I hope i remembered everything but i probably didn't. I look forward to this year with great anticipation, and I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy day oh happy day!!

Sooooooooooooooo yesterday was probably the BEST day of my LIFE!!!!!!! So many things happened yesterday that were just amazing!!!!!!!!!! I got the part i wanted in the musical, I am a lead in Oklahoma. I am Aunt Eller who is this bad ass old woman! XD I got an email from Lenoir-Rhyne from Dr. Weber who is the vocal man for music and I am going to audition for a music minor and the A Capella choir that travels around the world!!!!! Got this info during the day!

Then i had to go to work and was in the BESTEST of moods EVER!!!! All i needed was to see ben (who came back for break!!) but his train ran over a tree and they were delayed for two hours. So during then i formed up a plan to surprise him at his house. I got there and his brother Max waited for me with a flashlight. I hid up on a hill behind their house behind a trailer no one lives in. It would have TOTALLY worked if Ben's grandpa didn't drive all the way up their to turn around. Then he saw me in the window. It was a failed surprise on my part, but he was pretty surprised! hahaha
It was great to see him!! I've missed him sooooooooooooo much... I was able to spend the night and we just snuggled all night. It was wonderful. <3

So yesterday was a wonderful night and I have been in a great mood since then. Now it is Christmas Eve and my grandparents are coming over, I have a new dress for service tonight that looks AMAZING on me, and everything is calm. It feels like this will be a wonderful Christmas. :)

Monday, December 19, 2011


So today is audition week for musical!!! Today is vocal auditions, Wednesday and Thursday are speaking auditions and (hopefully) we find out who's who on Friday!!! I am excited and nervous and pumped!!! XD

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Physical Therapy

So my last blog was all gloomy and depressing so I decided to now tell you my good news!! I got the results of my X-ray and my spine is perfectly fine. So my pain is all muscle. Anyways, I went to physical therapy for my first time on Thursday and learned what exactly is wrong. Two years ago I was in a car accident with my boyfriend, we were T-boned on the passenger side and i was pinned in the car by my hip. i had severe whip lash and bruised my lungs. When I got my whip lash the muscles in my lower back around my spine, and even my abs, got stretched. So during my two month recovery I was lying down not using these muscles and they shrunk. So now with me working, marching band, musical, dancing, these muscles are not prepared for the work and to protect themselves, clench up and I get my spasms.

So the therapist wants me to go twice a week and learn exercises to use to get these muscles working and to strengthen them back up. So on Thursday I had my first session and it was OMG!!! Okay, so the woman put on four patches on my lower back and hand my lie down on a REALLY thick heating pad. She turned it on and them had me pick a frequency for the patches, they then began to vibrate. The vibrations... and the heat... omy GOD i was in HEAVEN!!! I was sooooooo relaxed it was amazing!! I could have fallen asleep right there, except i had to read, sign, and fill our lots of papers.

I believe i'm REALLY gonna like physical therapy. :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back pain

So recently I have been having severe back pain to the point where I just sometimes wanna kill myself. It's in my lower to middle back, on the sides, and all in my hips. I have NO idea what it is or how it started, I just know it's now here and it sucks ass... So a few days ago i went to the doctor and she gave me more of my medicine i have been taking for this (600mg Tylenol, Anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxers) and set me up my physical therapy and an X-ray today to try and see what is wrong. She said it might be from the car accident I was in almost two years ago, or it could be a herniating disk, anything really. So i'm all pissed and worried about this. Also last night my back started hurting so bad I was leaning on the side of my closet crying, but it hurt to cry and breathe. Life likes to fuck with me... hard... in the ass... it's not fun...

So anyways I didn't go to school today because it hurt too much to get out of bed and walk into the living room! I finally got myself out of bed and onto the computer chair to check emails and also to catch up on my blogging. Haha I've been sooooo busy with work, school, musical auditions and Christmas preparations i haven't thought about blogging.

So there you have it, my pitiful and pathetic blog update. Not the happiest but it's what's going on in life for me at the moment. So yeah... have a better day than i am!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


So today i was probably one of the most SMARTEST shoppers EVER!!! XD

I have a project in my Food and Culture class that requires me to plan a party. So with me wanting to go into Event Planning, i decided i wanted to plan a wedding!! I made it a winter theme since we are in December and it would be easier to find stuff suitable for a winter wedding now. So i went to Hobby Lobby (the most AMAZINGEST store ever when you wanna to DIY projects) and bought Poinsettias, Chrysanthemums, and White Roses for my flowers, I bought american moss, a square tall vase, a Styrofoam ball, and i plucked a few branches off a bush we have in the back yard. I want to make something that kind of looks like this.

Flowers would be different colors, there would be green moss int he glass, and i dont think there will be any fake snow on the branches.

I'm gonna do a lot and im mega excited about this project! This is what i wanna do with my life!! Im pumped XD So that's my quicky update.

Also we are in madrigal season and thats always funn. Im the queen this year and i wear this crazy looking outfit that makes me feel like elvis.