Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Burt Bacharach - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Had this song stuck in my head for the past few days. And since it was raining today i see it appropriate for this post. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Montana Trip!!!!!!!!!!

Sooo im back from Montana!!!! Well, ive been back for a while but i just now have the time to blog about it. So we flew from Harrisburg, to Chicago, to Missoula Montana where my Aunt Bridgette, Uncle Mark, and cousins Gabriel and Michael live. It is gorgeous up in the mountains! OMG i was in awe! Everywhere around me where the Rockys, we were in a valley in the Rockys. It was beautiful! And once my camera decides to allow me to put my pics on i will put some up to show you the mountains.

Anywho what i did there. Well the first day we unpacked, visited, toured the city a bit, then went on a walk about 2 miles from their house to a river that runs through the city, one of 3 i believe. It was beautifully clear mountain water! Yes, it was cold because of glacier run off but it was really wonderful once you got in. Only problem about the mountains near water, mosquitoes... giant fuckers they were. Omg they ate you up like there was no tomorrow. My brother got over 20 bites in under 10 minutes. The first day was rather hectic and everyone was trying to get used to the new time zone, Missoula is 2 hours behind Pennsylvania.

Our second day there we traveled. There was a carnival like thing going on that was really cool, there were so many different food stands along with a live band. There was also entertainment, there was an elderly couple there who were doing this really freaky interpritive dance thing. Like, it was freaky weird but so much funn to watch. XD We then rode the Carousel for Missoula and watched a man try to swim over the rapids of a river on the other side of the carnival. After all that we walked over the bridge and began to walk around and shop.  I didn't get anything that day and we just kind of explored, we went to one store that i have fallen in love with. It's called Rockin Rudy's and it is Missoula's Spencers. Its so amazing!!! hahaha

After all that, we went to Chico Hot Springs which is a little resort 30 miles North of Yellowstone and we stayed there one night. I got to chill in natural spring water that was 107 degrees!!! It was soooooooooo amazing. :D We also went to a super fancy restaurant for my grandparents 50th and my aunt and uncle, and my parents 20th anniversary's. It was yummers, i had duck and for dessert i had a killer chocolate cake piece!!! But there was a sad thing that happened, i accidently deleted all the pics i had taken before Chico. And i had some really good pictures too!!! :'(

Anywho, then there was Yellowstone!!!! it was a long ass drive but it was amazing!!! We saw a crapton of Bison, 2 black bears, a grizzly bear with her cub, some elk, and a few deer. We stayed at the Old Faithful Inn and saw Old Faithful go off, we saw a lot of hot springs and mud pots, I saw the Yellowstone Canyon and the huge waterfall there, and the scenery was incredibly beautiful.

All in all our trip was fantastic!!! There's still a lot we did but it's little things that made it memorable. So now i am back and getting ready for my senior year in high school. I need to get my senior pics done and i have back to school shopping to do. So yeah, that's all i got right now. Tata for now!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Montana packing!!

So today is my crazy get everything ready for Montana trip day. I have to go to the bank, gotta refill my pill prescription, clean my room, pack, and a lot of other stuff. I'm excited!!! XD