Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Overview

So the year we all were supposed to die is almost over. Like last year I think I am going to review everything that happened to me this year and see if I can remember everything.

Review of 2012:

  • Spent New Years at my boyfriend's
  • Got Aunt Eller in the musical
  • Started talking to future roommate
  • Did FAFSA with my mom 
  • Started taking physical therapy for my back
  • Got flowers from Ben for valentines day
  • Visited LR for early admission students and met my future roommate
  • Got to shoot a starter gun for musical
  • Had a blast during musical and cried when it was over
  • Got a waitressing and bar tending job at a local restaurant 
  • Began to get closer to my best friend
  • Had more heart-to-hearts with her
  • Quit my Infinitos job to be more available for waitressing job
  • Therapy began to really help my back
  • Started preparing for graduation
  • Got fired from my waitressing job for reasons unknown
  • Went to Connecticut with my best friend and got my first tattoos
  • Went to the Metropolitan in NYC and got to see amazing art
  • Had my last prom
  • Went to Six Flags and a cruise down the Hudson River for senior trip
  • Had my last concerts
  • Got a job at Hershey Giant Center
  • Watched my NCCS friends graduate 
  • Graduated from high school
  • Started working for Hershey
  • Started talking to future roommate more and more
  • Began to take organ lessons
  • Started buying college necessities and pack up for the move
  • Went to a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park
  • Went to the PA Renaissance Faire and got a costume
  • Began college and moved in with roommate
  • Started taking classes and got really involved
  • Joined many clubs and choirs
  • Made many friends
  • Went to a few frat parties
  • Things begin to get sour with roommate
  • Rumors spread and things get fixed with RA help
  • Roommate gets a BFF and they start ignoring me
  • Friends from beginning of year stop contacting me
  • Go to homecoming frat party
  • Start talking to people in my dorm
  • Get closer to a cappella members
  • Go on fall tour and have a blast
  • Come back to intense bullying from roommate and her friend
  • Corset goes missing
  • More rumors are spread
  • Found out roommate stole and destroyed corset for shits and giggles
  • Roommate moves out
  • Money starts to get low
  • Friends in dorm room stay by my side
  • Get pressured into taking ex roommate to court
  • Go on Thanksgiving break and relax with family and high school friends
  • My best friend and I catch up and talk even more
  • Grades begin to slightly go low and stress sets in
  • Get a room all to myself
  • Evidence against ex roommate pile up
  • Begin to get closer to dorm friends
  • Money gets dangerously low
  • Visits boyfriend and PA friend comes as well
  • Have fantastic times!
  • Gets hired by Belltower Books to be campus captain
  • Finally the court date comes, everything goes horribly wrong
  • My evidence gets lost and key witness decides not to come cause she's busy having sex
  • I don't get reimbursed for destroyed corset
  • Finals begin and pressure/stress goes through the roof
  • Watch as Karma gets my ex roommate in the ass and enjoys every moment
  • Has wonderful time with friends
  • Buy lots of books for work
  • Finish finals
  • Money is gone
  • After a lot of stress and problems, the books get transferred to storage and money put in bank
  • Go home for christmas
  • Start working at Hershey again
  • See high school friends
  • Start looking for summer job
  • Apply at HACC for summer classes
  • Get to see Ben for christmas
  • Get a lot of college things I needed
  • Start slowly getting more money
  • Discover that Ben got a job in Germany and will be there for 6 months, so proud of my man!! <3
  • Start preparing for second semester of college
  • Looking forward to the new year and working on my resolutions
So that's my review. 2012 was not the best year for me when I look back, but I learned a lot of things about myself and how I handle situations by myself. Looking forward to 2013 and making it better. Happy New Year everyone!!

Love and kisses
Anna xoxo

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