Friday, November 2, 2012

Things are changing

So yesterday was a very interesting day. I found out what happened to my corset... apparently my roommate and her friend stole it and took it to the other freshman dorm. They then went to my roommate's boyfriend's apartment where they cut it up and threw it in the dumpster... yeah, they destroyed my $200 corset.

I am relieved to know what happened to it, but i am also so fucking pissed off at them for it. Their reasons, there was none. It was something to do.

So I know about that, also she left me a note on my desk saying that I was moving her stuff around and that she doesn't want drama anymore. Bullshit. She's the one stirring the drama pot, constantly. So i tell my RA and she reports it to the RD. I didn't talk to her at all that day and she avoided me like the plague. I didn't care, I didn't wanna see her face.

Anyways after my choirs ended I went back to my dorm to work on some homework. My white board was scribbled all over but i erased it and laughed at their immaturity. I was in my room for a couple minutes and then i heard my roommate and her two friends talking shit about me like crazy, they didn't know I was in my room. So I'm sitting there listening to everything they are saying trying not to laugh at their stupidity. So they walk in and have the "oh shit" look on their face which I loved, I get up and decided to go and hang out with some friends upstairs.

One of my friends got so pissed she started confronting my roommate over text messages and freaked her out so much, I go back to my room and all her shit is packed up. I think my friend scared her away! XD Not stopping them from telling resident life everything though, so here I sit waiting for a response.

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  1. hahahaha! the immaturity of some people is hilarious. although, those fucking cunts better be paying for the corset they decided would be fun to destroy..and I hope to god the bitch moves out. then I won't have that overwhelming urge to come down there and beat the living shit out of her.