Saturday, May 25, 2013

New job

So recently I got a job at the Hershey Lodge as a seasonal concierge. I have part time benefits but full time hours. I am gonna be getting overtime and I am paid a good amount of money so I'm not complaining too much. Just about how my feet hurt. I have to stand at a desk for 8.5 hours five days a week.

So for the past three days I have been working mornings. Three days ago a woman who was obviously from Jersey comes to the desk asking some questions. This was only my second day of work so I was still learning a lot. She asked me something I didn't know and so I asked my trainer. She looks at me and asks if I am new. I said yes I was, just started. She replies with, "So you don't know anything?" I said I was still learning everything but I'd help her with what I knew. She says no and walks away.  Yesterday she and her husband came to the desk and asked a coworker who has been there since 2007 some questions. Her husband asks me something I didn't know and the woman tells him, "Oh they don't know anything cause they are new." My coworker since 2007 was there. WTF???
Anyways today she comes back to my desk and by today I know a lot more, I have my own computer log in, I've worked with customers, answered phone calls, questions, etc. She asks me something I knew, realizes it's me and says, "Oh you're new." She then turns to the coworker standing next to me and ignores me like I never existed. I hope she checks out tomorrow....

I can tell this job is going to be fun, entertaining and quite interesting. There will be some tough guests but I will do my best with what I know. I really like all the girls I'm working with. They are very nice, help me when I need it, answer questions I don't know and make sure I am learning things properly. :)

Anyways I am watching Monty Python and going to be going to bed. I've worked over 30 hours this week and I will be starting my 40 hour week schedule tomorrow. Actually I will probably be working over 40 hours. I have been told overtime is given often in the concierge area because we are needed from 6AM to 11PM.

So I'm going to be turning in. Goodnight bloggers!

Hugs and kisses
Anna xoxo

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hip/Back results

I just realized reading my past posts that I never mentioned the results of my MRI. So everyone knows I have hip displacia and lumbar spondylosis. In edition to that my MRI results showed that I have a buldging disk in my lower back. Specifically my S1 L5. So this will give me extreme back pain and hip pain throughout my life. Its extremely bad during my monthly kills from mother nature.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Man it has been a while since I've posted anything! I was mad busy with finals, moving out of my dorm, going back home and starting my summer job. Well a quick catchup for today. I need to leave for work in an hour and I still havent started my hair or makeup! Eeeeekk!!

Anyway, freshman year is over. I passed all my classes with As and Bs and I am so happy!! I really wanted to work harder but I am happy with my results. I expect too much of myself sometimes. My mom came and helped me move out of my dorm. It took about an hour and a half just to get all my stuff loaded into the car. It was a lot of work and we were rushing to beat the oncoming storm that was looming ahead of us. The drive home was not bad. I got to enjoy Cookout for my lunch that day. For the people who don't know, Cookout is a fast food restaurant that started in North Carolina. They make hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and tenders, subs, fries, onion rings and have a huge selection of different milkshakes. I love this place cause you get a whole bunch of good food for $4.25. They are slowly beginning to migrate and are in Virginia. We found this Cookout in Harrisnburg and I was sooooooo excited! I got a chicken tender tray with fries and a bacon wrap. A bacon wrap is basically bacon, lettuce, cheese and ranch in a tortilla. SOOOOO GOOD!!!

I got home and then had to find room for all my stuff. I am still moving things and putting stuff away. I own too much stuff so I'm going to be visiting Salvation Army quite a bit to donate. Plus the memorial day yard sales that will be happening this weekend.

My new job is at the Hershey Lodge and I am a seasonal concierge. I work the concierge desk and answer phone calls, make reservations for van services around town and restaurant reservations at all the restaurants in the area. I work with customers and answer their questions, give directions and much more. My first day was Monday and that was a slow day. Today the park opens and families will be arriving and buying tickets. I've been told that the summer gets crazy and that I will be working overtime. That is okay though because I get paid $9 an hour and I need more money.

As for summer classes I am having trouble. I originally wanted to take two summer classes at a local community college HACC. For some reason I am having difficulties registering for classes and it has really been pissing me off. I'm going in tomorrow to see what is still wrong and if they can't fix it, well they aren't getting my money.

That's my update. I hope to start blogging some more over the summer. I'm thinking of changing the look of this blog and getting into the flow of writing more. Get my writing chops strong like my writing professor always said.

That is all. I hope you have a fantastic day!

Love and kisses