Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Support breast cancer awareness with yogurt

So this week is breast cancer awareness week. The sorority ZTA is hosting the week with events and support for finding a cure for breast cancer. Today was the day that they were hosting a yogurt eating contest. Yoplait has pink lids all during the month of October and if you save the lids they go to finding a cure. So ZTA bought a BUNCH of yogurts and held this contest. As I was on my way to lunch I saw it and decided to go for it. It was so much fun! I now have a belly full of yogurt to support a good cause. :)
All these, plus one other is all the yogurt I ate

I am on the end listening to what is going to happen. We had to eat as much yogurt as we could in a matter of three minutes.

Removing the lids which is the whole purpose for doing this :)

Ready... Set... EAT!!!!!


I was eating so fast that, at one point, peach yogurt fell down my shirt

On my fifth thing of yogurt! I ate all eight and came in second place by two seconds. It was fun but my belly is not too happy with me for eating so many calories in so little time. lol

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