Thursday, October 3, 2013

The first bump in the road

So I am sure that almost everyone has heard about how the United States government has shutdown because they cannot agree on Obamacare. After complaining to friends about how childish the government is acting I suddenly realized, I still do not have a passport. With a government shut down everything federally funded is closed. All national parks and websites have been closed both in the US and around the world. Since one needs to go to a federal building to begin the process of getting a passport this will be slowing down my plans. The last time there was a government shut down in 1995 over 200,000 passports were put on hold and did not even get completed. I do not want to spend almost  $200 for a passport I am not going to get.

I printed out the paperwork I need to fill out and I did everything I can as of today. I know where I can go to hand in my paperwork and get my photo, I just do not know if I can set up an appointment yet. I do not want the government's hissy fit to stop me from possibly studying abroad. It takes 4-6 weeks to get the passport and who knows how long this shutdown is going to be...

I am prepared to go to Washington with my army of flying monkeys and german Daleks if needed.

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