Thursday, October 24, 2013


So as I type I am sitting in the lobby of the New Orleans Marriott! I have been here two days and my adventures have been numerous. I explored Bourbon Street yesterday and had lunch at this local joint called Olde N'awlins Cookery. I had some gumbo and jumbalaya and both were absolutely fabulous! I walked down the canal, all around the french quarter and I don't want to stop there.

The reason I am here is because of a media conference NOLA13. It has been an experience on its own. I have been taking sessions on advertising as well as journalism. Everything I have been in has been informative and very helpful. Our paper, The Rhynean, THAT YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT got a good critique and will be a part of a newspaper competition. It has been a long day and now I am sitting with three of my fellow communication majors with laptops out.

We are smelling the deliciousness of New Orleans and will probably be eating very soon. So I shall be signing off.

Hugs and kisses
Anna xoxo

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