Sunday, October 13, 2013


So a couple days ago I got some incredible news regarding past posts that I have been writing about. First of all I was on the train heading to PA so I could work on an ethnographic study for my communications class. We are studying an organization and how they run, and so I decided to do the Hershey Lodge since I worked there. So I was on the train heading up north when I got an email from the CIS abroad people. 

Now quick little story about a panic attack I had. A couple days ago I emailed them asking if they got my transcripts and they replied back with yes, but that they did not have my $200 deposit. Well the money was out of my account and it went to the company it was supposed to because I saw it on my bank statement. Well I begin to panic thinking I gave my money to a scam and I'm going to lose all my hard worked for money that I'm saving if I do end up going to London. I get a call from the head of finances and he said that they should have received it and that he is going to look in his files. I was placed on hold for an extreme amount of time and my call dropped. I waited for over an hour and my nerves are sky high. A little while later I got an email explaining that they did receive it and that it was sent to the wrong department. I breathed a sign of relief, but then worried that this would make it impossible to go over seas next semester.

Well on the train I checked my email and noticed I had an email from CIS abroad. I saw it was from a counselor  and figured it was them saying sorry about not getting accepted. Far from it! They were congratulating me on getting accepted into the program and gave me my advisors information! I about leapt out of my seat! I am going to LONDON!!! My advisor then contacted me a few minutes later and asked about my passport situation. Now that I have been accepted I am willing to pay the extra $60 to express my passport so I don't have to worry. My advisor said she is going to be getting in touch with Westminster and helping to set up my classes. I am so excited I can barely contain myself! I now know I have to buckle down and get all of my stuff situated ASAP before Christmas so there are no worries. 

I will be hearing from my advisor soon about classes, visas, important papers and all that stuff soon. I cannot believe that this is happening. It's so surreal! 

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