Saturday, October 5, 2013

Going to visit home!

So it is now official. I am going to be heading back to Pennsylvania for my fall break next weekend. This wasn't my original plan, but a project I need to do for my class has changed my plans. For my organizational communications class I have a project that requires me to study and observe an organization. This is both internally and externally. Since I worked at the Hershey Lodge for over three months I thought that would be a great organization to do. Especially since Hershey is extremely dedicated to the legacy of Milton Hershey. This requires me to look at all online information, paper, billboards and commercials and observe what vibes they give off. I then have to do an internal analysis and speak to employees, managers and even the head of the organization. So I am now going to be in Hershey this next weekend. :)

This means that I am going to get to see all of my PA friends who I miss dearly! It's going to be a quick visit since I will be going by train. Going to be taking the late night train which means I will be boarding around 1:40 am Friday and getting back into Charlotte Tuesday at 2:20 am. I prefer these times actually. The trip seems to go much faster since I go straight to sleep.

So my wait now begins for an answer. It has been confirmed that the study abroad people received my transcripts and now I await an answer if I am accepted or not. I am extremely nervous because I do not know if my transcript being late will effect my being accepted or not. I really hope it isn't.

Also (I am not sure if this is nerves talking or my subconscious being an ass) I am beginning to think about all the negative possibilities about going to London for a semester. I have had people mention they may not want me to go, I've recently discovered that my best friend is pregnant and she has asked if I would be the god mother. I feel so honored and she is due in April. I will not be in the country when she gives birth. I am worried my relationship may take a turn for the worse. I would not be working so money will be an issue and I want to travel. There is just so much running through my mind it's driving me insane.

Well, that's all I really have right now. I am sorry to cut it short but my roommate is telling me she has never seen Sherlock Holmes and I am going to change that NOW.

Have a great day/evening and I will post soon!
Hugs and kisses
Anna xoxo

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