Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm almost there

I have almost completed my application for study abroad next term. All I need to do is pick out some classes I'd be interested in and get my official transcripts in asap. I have been talking with my advisor here looking at class options and I will be admitting those tomorrow. I have also been in touch with my CIS advisor and she said if the transcript is a bit late it's okay. Just as long as it gets in this week.

Along with all of this craziness I have been trying to keep up on my homework, working at the admissions office, practicing music and preparing for midterms. So much madness! So I sit here with white wine and chocolate chips to calm my nerves. A very good combination I might add.

I am told I will know if I have been accepted within two weeks that my application is complete. I am nervous! Now that I have my mind set on this I really want to get accepted. Then again there is so much I can still do here, but LONDON. Can't pass that opportunity.

Well that's all I have for tonight. Got to study for a communications exam I have tomorrow. Yikes!

Anna xoxo

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