Thursday, September 19, 2013

Intense update!

Man it's been a while since my last post. Reason being is i've been so busy with CLASSES!! Yup, I'm back in school! I've been missing LR and am happy to be back with all of my friends here. I am living in an on campus apartment with three amazing women. We have the place decorated to perfection with posters, lights, chairs, rugs and a multitude of blankets. I've been living here for a month now and am truly enjoying it. The bedrooms are smaller than where I was last year but the living room, kitchen and our own bathroom make up for it.
We have two guppies that we have named Dimitri and Eugene. They are very amusing fish and like to stick together.

So updates. I have been accepted into the Upsilon Chi Communications Honor Society, I have been invited to take honors courses next semester, I have a work study on campus that's going well, taking voice lessons again, I made it into the College Singers which is a handpicked group of singers from A Cappella choir, I've been pushing to keep up with my homework, and I am saving up money to go to New Orleans with the Communication Club in October! How exciting is that? Very!

One fun update is I have begun to look for internships! I would love to go to NYC for my internship and get into weddings. I actually have begun to email some companies and businesses asking for internship information for next summer. I am going to email David Tutera, Kleinfelds Bridal and am looking for more options. I am really hoping I can get an internship with David Tutera. That would be an incredible experience!

Well that's pretty much all I have for today. I will try to keep this more updated.

Hugs and kisses
xoxo Anna

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