Saturday, September 21, 2013

Looking Ahead

So looking forward to the future. It's not something I do a lot but when I start it's hard for me to stop. Yesterday I was walking through the student lounge in Cromer Center (our cafeteria/postoffice/bookstore/anything else) and there were a few booths set up. One that caught my eye was the CIS abroad program. I immediately thought of one of my best friends Gretchen who is currently studying abroad in India.
(Here's her blog! Check it out!

I pondered to myself thinking would I want to go abroad? I have already gone over eight hours away to go to school, could I go halfway across the world? I have always wanted to travel. See the world and all its wonders. To study abroad for a semester would be a once in a lifetime thing for me. I have already begun to look for internships over the summer in New York City, why not start looking at countries I would be interested in.

I walked to the booth and a very nice man approached me and began to explain the program. He showed me the booklet that had all the information on the program and different options I have as a communications student. I could do a summer abroad, fall semester, J-term and a spring semester. I decided to myself if I did this I would go fall 2014. I got all sorts of information on the program, thanked the man and headed out with this information burning in my brain.

My next class I devoted my time to studying the front and back of the booklet. I highlighted my field of study and circled classes I would take. Highlighted important information like costs, what was offered, housing, meals and much more. I found scholarships that would help me significantly and checked what I would have to pay out of pocket.

Through my research I found that I would want to looks for countries that offered communications, media studies, journalism, public relations and music. I found eight countries that offer one or more of the studies I was looking for.

First is Australia. I have the opportunity to go to Bendigo, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle or Sydney. Second is Westminster in London. Third is Aix en Provence in France. Fourth is Hawaii. Fifth Limerick, Ireland. Sixth Florence, Italy, seventh Edinburg, Scotland and eighth is Thailand.

This is a big list and most of the locations are in Europe. Then there's Asia, Australia and Hawaii. I am not to sure I would want to go to Hawaii. It is still the U.S. I want to explore foreign countries, see the sights, learn from others and begin my travels. The countries that really spoke out to me were Westminster, Limerick, Florence and Thailand. Australia looks interesting as well but there are some cities and areas that do not offer all studies at one. They are scattered all over.

The places that offer everything I am looking for are Westminster and Florence. Places that offer at least four of what I am looking for are Thailand, Edinburg, Limerick and Hawaii.

There is so much that I would need to get set up as well. I would have to pay for airfare, meals, spending money, visa and passport and also books and supplies. I have begun crunching numbers on flights to the countries I am looking at. My wallet has begun to shrivel just looking at the numbers. Although if this is something I really want to do I will pay the outrageous plane tickets to get there and I am sure I will not regret it.

It's a big step for looking at my future and I am getting really excited! I will try to keep updates coming. I enjoy writing so I am glad I have a place to just write.

Hugs and kisses
Anna xoxo

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