Thursday, September 26, 2013

When opportunity knocks, open the door.

When an opportunity just falls onto your lap what do you do? Do you throw it away, check it out, maybe take a dive and see if you can make it work? This was my thought process for the past two days.  I got a call from the CIS study abroad group and they said that I have the opportunity to go study next semester in either England or Italy! At first I was a bit skeptical about this, I wanted to have time to prepare and get my passport for the fall. I recently discovered that I would not be able to study abroad next fall because of required classes for my music minor I have to take at LR. So study in England or Italy? That's the first choice I had. The second one was should I even bother with the application process. I have had many friends try for study abroad and have failed to make it a possibility. Even Gretchen, my friend who's in India, had troubles getting to where she is now. Do I really want to risk failing at this?
I had to ask the opinion of people I knew. I put a status up on Facebook explaining my dilemma, I talked to my advisors on campus, I talked with my parents and I called the advising department of CIS. Almost immediately I had comments from Facebook friends in college, out of college and others all telling me to do it. Over ten comments on how this is an opportunity I cannot pass out on. I skyped with my mother and we discussed my options on if I did this. My mom said that I should at least fill out the application and if I am accepted she will help me in any way she can. My grandparents who travel frequently said I should, my boyfriend said if I didn't he would be angry at me, my roommates said go for it and finally I told myself why not? If I am not accepted any money I give them will be refunded and I can tell myself I at least tried. 
I went online and filled out the application. Once I got the payment issues situated (the website was not receiving my card information so I had to use a check) I was put into the system and told to wait until I got an acceptance email. I have been working on filling out other applications that are required and looking at scholarship opportunities. All of the ones I asked for require me to blog about my experiences (which I was going to do anyways if I got into the program) and keeping a diary. I am going to speak with financial aid and begin to discuss possible classes I would take at Westminster.
Wow. The chance to study at Westminster University is incredible. Not something that would happen every day. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity that I hope I can experience. I could take day excursions to Stonehenge, Oxford, The Globe Theatre, Big Ben, Liverpool, Windsor Castle and much more! I could even take weekend excursions to Paris or even Italy! How magnificent! We are allowed two weekends for no extra cost! If I wanted to travel more I could but I would have to pay for myself, which in all honesty I would not mind at all.
All I can do now is wait for an answer to see if I got accepted into the program. The anticipation is endless and I will be checking my emails every day.

If anyone is interested here is the link to the program that I have applied for. 

I hope you have a fantastic day!
Hugs and kisses
Anna xoxo

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