Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Watching wedding movies and eating donuts

Ahhhh wedding movies how i love them so. Just a warning i am SUCH a hopeless romantic and when i watch wedding shows/movies it gets worse. I mean i go overboard with mushyness and romanticness. And since no one can tell me otherwise imma go overboard with mushyness and craziness! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

So im watching Bride Wars now (amazing move!) and of course its got me thinking about when i wanna get married. Now one of my oldest and amazingest friends is engaged and is planning her wedding right now and i is super jealous of her! I wanna be getting married nows! AJGYRGBSGDHJK!!! < Crazy banging on my keys
*composes self* Okay, sorry. I just can't wait until the day i get married, i've been dreaming about it ever since i was a little girl. I'm so excited for her and so happy for her! :) She's one of me bestest friends and i've known her since she moved here in 4th grade, i think it was 4th grade... haha And i hope she and her fiance have an amazingal life together and all the planning goes well. :)

Well yeah since im in a crazy romantic mood imma go crazy and talk talk TALK!!! :P Well of course when you think about getting married theres the actually proposal you need to think about, and let me tell you i gots ideas about how i wanna be proposed to, every girl dreams about how they wanna be proposed to and what their wedding will be like. Even though they can't really take control on how they get proposed to since its the guy who does that but they have control on how their wedding goes. Cause the bride's always right!!! hahaha

But anyways, what was i saying... oh yeah! Proposals. To all my girlies out there, how would you wanna get proposed to?? I'm now suddenly crazy curious on how you guys think it should happen? I think it should be really sweet and romantic, like i've always dreamed of getting proposed to on a beach. I don't know why but i just always have. I don't really wanna be proposed to in a public place, i don't like the idea of people watching and the pressure that would be there. As for the whole beach thing, i don't know but i've always loved the beach and had some sort of connection with it. I know i'm weird. lol :p

Aww man there is so much more i wanna say but i think i am going to stop. I'm tired and need to go to bed soon. I've been crazy sleep deprived and with it being musical week i'm gonna be up late and then i have PSSAs next week and i start work. Man i'm a busy person. haha

Well this is mushy romantic Anna signing off!!

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