Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last musical practice for The Pajama Game!!!

Holas my fellow peoples reading this! Well today was not really a very good start off to my day, i barely slept last night for reasons i won't say and didn't get to bed till about 3ish.

Musical practice, musical practice. Oh where do i begin... I guess at the beginning, that's always a good place to start. Well my cast had one last practice since our showing isn't until Friday night and this one was prolly my most memorble one yet! To start things off Ian raped my face with his scratchy head! Yeah, he shaved the top of his head for his part, Hines, and the hair is already starting to grow back so he came up to me, Lauren and one other girl and rubed the top of his head on our cheeks! Since the hair was growing back it itched and made our cheeks red! So that made me smile, then poor Masser got attacked with coffee. Every practice someone gets her coffee and today it was taylor, and from what i got (I was backstage at this time) Taylor threw the coffee at Masser and she spilled it all over her and the carpet in the aisle! So shes freaking out, Taylor is appologizing, and since we have so many shirts handy Masser grabbed a Guys and Dolls shirt and a South Pacific shirt and patted them on the coffee. So now we have a brown coffee smelling Guys and Dolls shirt and a South Pacific shirt that also smells like coffee. haha

During the actual rehersal we just BSed our way through the whole thing. We skipped all the songs and messed around during the scenes. Charlito gave Lucas a lap dance, Bruce yelled in Logan's face making her run off almost crying, Lucas swears Bruce broke his hand, Katie and Chelsea were jumping on each other doing lord knows what, Louis was taking his pants off almost every 5 minutes during the pants falling down scene (yes there is a scene were Hines takes his pants off and stands awkwardly in his underwear), I got to watch as Louis stabed Lucas with a marker and one of the fake knives we have, there was a glow in the dark tape ball being thrown around, and of course we jumped all around being complete morons.

Ahhh musical, i will miss you when this week is out. But then there's always next year!!! :D

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