Monday, March 7, 2011

I've given in

Yes, i am making a blog. Hey i decided it gives me something to do. Not that anyone would read this crap but hey, gives me something to imagine. That someone out there would read this and i would be a muchos happy person! :)

Well guess i should tell ya'll a bit about myself. My name is Anna Harris, i am 17 years old and i am a junior in high school. I am in the musical The Pajama Game and am the character Mabel, that is where i got my pic. Its the pics that get taken and put in the show case at my school so everyone knows who is who. haha
I am in Marching Band, Jazz Band, Jr/Sr Class Play and i am currently working at Infinitos in Lebanon! Well, im not working yet, i was hired but i need to wait for Musical to finish. My orientation is on Sunday March 13th so after that i start working! It's my first job so i am super mega excited. :)

I have a super awsome, amazingal, sweet, lovable, BEST boyfriend in the world! We have been dating for a year and a half now (yeah i know. a long time) and i am sooooo much in love with him! He is currently going to college in North Carolina and i miss him soooooooo much! I won't get to see him again until May 20th at the earliest and that makes me sad. :'( But life goes on. I talk to him every day and i hope to get a webcam so i can chat with him and see him. :)

Well that seems to be about it that i can say right now... can' t think of anything else. So imma go, i hope someone is reading this... :p


  1. Anna i will always read your blogs cuz I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. But... but... Jackie's my wifey!! ;p