Friday, March 11, 2011

My first performance!!

Well, just finished with my first performance today and OMG IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The whole thing went perfectly! I was spot on with my lines and i actually sounded good when i was singing I'll Never Be Jealous Again! Remembered the words, was on pitch, words were clear so people could understand what i was saying, needless to say i felt AMAZINGAL after that song and dance. The whole night was sooooo much fun and my family was there along with Ben's mom and nana, it was great having so many people i know go to see me. I'm still super pumped with energy from the whole thing!!! :D

But with all this good stuff there is also a bad thing, just that i have NO contact with ben what so ever. He is in the Blue Ridge Mountains with his friends from college for the weekend and he has no cell phone service. I think it's totally awsome he's going out and doing things instead of sitting on his ass all day on video games.(sorry baby if you are reading this) But i've never gone not talking to me for one day let along a whole weekend. But i guess if there was any weekend to not talk to him at all the best is this one. I'm gonna be super busy tomorrow with 2 shows for musical, one in afternoon at 1:00 and then a 7:30 show so i will have no time for texting. And then Sunday i will be sleeping in and i have my orientation at 2:00 and that will be a good 2 hours or so. So yeah, this is the best weekend for that, doesn't mean i'm still sad i can't talk to him at all. :'(

I don't really have anything else to say, the exhaustion has started to kick in so my computer screen is getting blury and my eyes are going out of focus so i think i'm gonna go. Night everyone!!

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