Saturday, March 26, 2011

College Visits!

Yes that's right! I have 2 colleges i am visiting next month! Elon University on April 9th for their Spring Open House, and Lenior-Rhyne University on April 11th for a personal tour! I would be going for Musica Education as my major and Theatre Arts as minor. If you haven't guessed already i wanna be a music teacher and direct musicals and whatnot like Mrs Masser does. I REALLY like Elon, they have a beautiful campus, and a marching band, a really good looking music department, a lot of oportinuties! But they are very hard with who enters, gotta have an average 3.5-4.0 GPA, and between 1700-1900 on SATs. It's insane! Lenior-Rhyne also looks really nice. They have a really pretty campus and its in the town i was born. My parents used to take me on walks on the campus when i was a baby. My Unlce Andy tells me that their music department is WAYYYYY better than Elons but i will find that out for myself. They don't have a marching band but they have an acapella choir that tours the world and they are amazing! I also like gardner-Wedd University but i cannot make any of their Dawg Days which are open houses really, so i may just visit them in the summer.
I'm hoping i get into at least one of them, I'm scared i may not get accepted and i'll not go to college. Becuase for any music department you need to audition... *gulp*

On other news i had work today 2-5. It was a nice steady day, was working salad bar and pasta so i was stocking up salad stuff and cooking pasta and sauce. I also helped pizza line a bit by making skids and putting together pizzas at times. I work again tomorrow 5-9 which means i can take leftover pizza home with me! :)

I went to a concert last night to see Framing Hanley and Sick Puppies at the Cameleon club! IT WAS AWSOME!!!! I still can't completly hear right! I got a Framing Hanley tee with it signed by NIXON and a Sick Puppies tee that they ALL signed! I'm such a happy girl!


  1. Of course you'll get into college! You don't give yourself enough credit :p

  2. I might not. You never know, maybe they won't pass me on my audition?