Saturday, January 5, 2013

Train rides

So here I sit, back at Ben's town home. I came back to Charlotte a few days early because I had to take a train to get here. My parents could not bring me back because of their schedules and because of money. The trip was about 12 hours and was a bit uncomfortable but I managed. I sat next to a really sweet old woman and she got off about four hours before me, she let me take the window seat and managed to get a few naps in.

I watched a few Underworld movies so I could return them to Ben, I played games on my phone, snoozed, talked to some people, watched scenery, all those things to try and pass the time.

I prefer the plane for that trip but I would get on a train again. It was nice, the only thing I didn't like was the food prices. I got a salad and water for lunch and had to pay $10.25 for that! So I didn't eat dinner there, Ben was able to get me some food and had it for me when he picked me up at the station. :)

School starts up again in two days and I can't believe it. I just hope this semester is better than the last one. I want to work better, work on my time management, get schoolwork done faster, find a job, and rush hoping to get into one of the sororities on campus.

So that's all I have for today. Ben's roommate Alex is cooking something and it smells sooooooooooo good!! The one thing I like about dating a chef, I get lots of yummy food! :D

Love and kisses
Anna xoxo

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