Saturday, December 17, 2011

Physical Therapy

So my last blog was all gloomy and depressing so I decided to now tell you my good news!! I got the results of my X-ray and my spine is perfectly fine. So my pain is all muscle. Anyways, I went to physical therapy for my first time on Thursday and learned what exactly is wrong. Two years ago I was in a car accident with my boyfriend, we were T-boned on the passenger side and i was pinned in the car by my hip. i had severe whip lash and bruised my lungs. When I got my whip lash the muscles in my lower back around my spine, and even my abs, got stretched. So during my two month recovery I was lying down not using these muscles and they shrunk. So now with me working, marching band, musical, dancing, these muscles are not prepared for the work and to protect themselves, clench up and I get my spasms.

So the therapist wants me to go twice a week and learn exercises to use to get these muscles working and to strengthen them back up. So on Thursday I had my first session and it was OMG!!! Okay, so the woman put on four patches on my lower back and hand my lie down on a REALLY thick heating pad. She turned it on and them had me pick a frequency for the patches, they then began to vibrate. The vibrations... and the heat... omy GOD i was in HEAVEN!!! I was sooooooo relaxed it was amazing!! I could have fallen asleep right there, except i had to read, sign, and fill our lots of papers.

I believe i'm REALLY gonna like physical therapy. :)

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