Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy day oh happy day!!

Sooooooooooooooo yesterday was probably the BEST day of my LIFE!!!!!!! So many things happened yesterday that were just amazing!!!!!!!!!! I got the part i wanted in the musical, I am a lead in Oklahoma. I am Aunt Eller who is this bad ass old woman! XD I got an email from Lenoir-Rhyne from Dr. Weber who is the vocal man for music and I am going to audition for a music minor and the A Capella choir that travels around the world!!!!! Got this info during the day!

Then i had to go to work and was in the BESTEST of moods EVER!!!! All i needed was to see ben (who came back for break!!) but his train ran over a tree and they were delayed for two hours. So during then i formed up a plan to surprise him at his house. I got there and his brother Max waited for me with a flashlight. I hid up on a hill behind their house behind a trailer no one lives in. It would have TOTALLY worked if Ben's grandpa didn't drive all the way up their to turn around. Then he saw me in the window. It was a failed surprise on my part, but he was pretty surprised! hahaha
It was great to see him!! I've missed him sooooooooooooo much... I was able to spend the night and we just snuggled all night. It was wonderful. <3

So yesterday was a wonderful night and I have been in a great mood since then. Now it is Christmas Eve and my grandparents are coming over, I have a new dress for service tonight that looks AMAZING on me, and everything is calm. It feels like this will be a wonderful Christmas. :)

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