Saturday, July 30, 2011

SENIOR DAY and beginning of my lasts.

SO this week i had my final Band Camp ever, it was a hot humid week but i got through it well. Now to begin with my posts, every Friday is Senior Prank Day when the seniors get to deface school property to the theme of the show (The Incredibles this year) so Thursday night me and the seniors of 2012 stayed over and started working on our prank! Here are pics!!!

I did the windows, I am damn proud of my Incredible "I's" if i do say so myself. I also went window paint crazy and drew over every available window in the Band Hall. hahaha

The Band Hall itself!!! This is our Superhero obstacle course, the red were lasers and the black and yellow were toxic waste, you had to go through the hoops, through the tires, and under the net to become Incredible.

Our prank on our band directors office. We covered EVERYTHING in tin foil, put the drum majors stand in the middle of the room, and filled it with over 900 balloons!!

The Omnotron from the movie. It's a very saggy looking omnotron but it still was cool!!!

The seniors spray paint their names on the middle school hill every year. I was SOOOOOO happy to finally see my name on that field!! <3

We put the Incredibles symbol in the middle of the field and drew fake hash marks EVERYWHERE!!! lol

So that was my last band camp ever, like i said in my title this has begun the beginning of my lasts in high school. Soon it will be my last football game, my last homecoming, my last cavalcade, my last musical, my last madrigal, my last prom... It's gonna be a fun yet sad year. This is gonna be the end of a chapter of my life.

So i hope you enjoyed the pictures! FYI it was sooo much funn to deface school property!!! XD

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