Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amazing day yesterday!!!

Im back from North Carolina!!!!! It was a nice trip, was rather boring i will admit but there really isn't anything to do in Pinetops. Actually had a super scare, had to take my papa to the ER cause he was having super constipation problems but he's fine now and can poop. :P

Anyways, yesterday, omg it was sooo much funn!!!!! I hung out with Ben and his mom the whole day and we did soo much it was great! They picked me up at my house round 9ish and we went to Hamburg to pick up Memi (who is Sue's mom, Ben's grandma) and we went to Farmer's Market which is this GIANT outside store really with CHEAP STUFF!!! It's got everything from clothes, to toys, to books, to food, to cooking gadgets, anything people bring they wanna sell. It was great! We walked around for almost 2 hours and didn't even see the whole thing! I got a really pretty dress for $8, a quart of blueberries for $2, and a GORGEOUS purse that was $25. I didn't buy the purse tho, Ben gave me $5 and Sue gave me $20 to get it. So i owe them money but I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!

So after that we drove back to Ben's Memi's and dropped her off at home, then we drove back to my house so i could change into my new dress which looked AMAZING on me, and to get my swim suit because later we were gonna go to Ben's Aunt Sandy's house to go swimming! Then we went to Eagle Hotel to get lunch, that took forever cause it was busy and only one bar girl but that's okay. We went back to Ben's chilled for a little bit, then went to his Aunt Sandy's and swam for about 2 hours. It was great! I think i got a tiny bit tanner but prolly not which makes me sad. I haven't had time to tan. :(

After that we went back to Ben's and chilled there till i went home. It was just a great day. I love his family. <3 :)

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