Monday, July 18, 2011

A day with the boyfriend.

So yesterday was prolly one of the best days with Ben i have had in a while. 2 days ago we decided that on his and my day off we wanted to go to Knoebels for the day! I was gonna pack a lunch and drive, and we would just hang out there all day.

So yesterday i woke up around 7, started packing the food in my coolers and texted Ben to wake him up so he could get ready when i pick him up. I wanted to leave early to get a good parking space and to avoid traffic. Anyways, i got all ready and went over to Ben's and his laundry still wasn't done so that annoyed me a bit. So while waiting on the laundry we ate breakfast, then he got ready and we left around 8:40ish. We were gonna use my moms GPS to get there, but we messed it up going to Hess and getting gas, then Exon to go to an ATM. Then we missed our turn onto 81 and had to turn around and go back.

We finally got there around 9:50, an hour before the park actually opens. So we just walked around and talked, it was nice with the cool morning air and not very loud. We then went back to my car and got my coolers. I only forgot one thing... I didn't bring utensils. So i was walking around asking people if they had plastic forks and knives. I finally got some spoons and a knife but it worked.

After we ate we got tickets and road the sky ride for my first time, it was a nice ride with a nice view of the park. Then during the heat of the day we walked around int he stores and arcade. AND I WON SOMETHING IN THE ARCADE!!! I NEVER win anything in arcades!!

I won a Angry Birds pig and red bird! I wanted to get the yellow bird too but i didn't wanna spend too much money. I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!

We walked around some more, ate deep fried seafood, then decided to leave cause we were both getting super tired. Ben slept on the way back and i was trying my hardest to stay awake.

We went back to Ben's house and i took his computer and we started to watch Men In Black and i went comment crazy on Erin's blog. After all that Sue (Ben's mommy) made us tuna sandwiches and then i left to go home. We never got to do our firefly catching contest. :(
But it was a great day. :)

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