Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cars, cars, cars!

Good evening/afternoon/morning whatever it is for you!

So in recent news I have begun to car shop! I've been looking into buying a car but I am actually now being serious and looking at loans and insurance prices on certain makes and models. So far I have been interested in a lime green convertible Beetle, a red Mini Cooper, a green Hyundai Accent GL, a beige Ford Taurus and green Ford Focus. All of them are used and under $10,000 but some are pricier than others.

I am currently looking further into the Taurus and Focus. They are the cheapest and have lower miles on them. Also insurance is cheaper for them. I am going to test drive them hopefully sometime this weekend or next week.

It's been stressful with this big decision purchase. Seeing all the big numbers and walking around in the heat of the day for two days straight wore me out.

I gotta work tomorrow morning at 11 so I am heading to bed. Good night bloggers!


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