Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving break

So as i type this i am sitting in the den at my papa's house in Pinetops, North Carolina. It's a really tiny town that only really has an Abrams BBQ, a Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Hardes but it's nice and everyone knows everyone. I have been coming here ever since i popped out of my momma 18 years ago. The visit has been super nice, I saw my papa, Aunt Caroline, cousin Bella (who is 4 and growing up too fast), Uncle Edward, and my cousin Jamie and her new BF TJ who i like a lot. He's cool and is really sweet to my cousin. So i'm happy for her.
We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday because we drive down here the Thursday of thanksgiving because there is not much traffic then. And that night, when everyone else eats turkey, we have spagetti with meat sauce because we are cool like that!! XD
Our meal is the next day and i am sooo proud of myself this year!! I helped make some of the food!! I made the greenbean casserol and it was really good if i do say so myself! :)

Anywho today i am now bored outta my mind and feeling lazy. So here i sit, in green fuzzy pants, Guys and Dolls shirt, hair in a messy bun, glasses, and zero makeup! *gasp* But i'm comfy and that's all that matters!!

So i hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn;t eat too much turkey!! Anna out to watch Star Wars marathon! *nerd alrt*

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