Sunday, March 11, 2012

It sucks growing older

Musical is all over... our last show was last night and I bawled my eyes out on stage in front of everyone. So many seniors were crying and I was probably one of the worst. I gave Katie her present who was my off night for Aunt Eller, and that started the tears. When I sang OKLAHOMA for the last time I cried more, and watching all the seniors giving Masser their presents got me the most. Although when I have her my present I was halfway trying to tell her how amazing she was and couldn't get the rest out I was crying so much. She gave me the opportunity to shine on stage for four years and those are the best memories I will polly ever have from high school.
It was a very emotional night for all the seniors and we all will miss high school musicals and plays. But even in all of this sadness I need to look forward to college and all the shows I plan on doing then. So as a wonderful way to end this blog here is OKLAHOMA. 

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